14 comments on “Bellator MMA 108 – Fight Network Recap”

  1. Gavin Tat says:

    If it was Rampage who saw a former UFC champion face off against a lower
    tier fighter like Joey Beltran, he would have been all over the UFC for
    mismatches and protecting their talent.

  2. Taicho Sim says:

    Come back to UFC and see if you can knock people out like you did in this

  3. 37robles says:

    It was his first fight in nearly a year and he had surgery on both knees a
    couple months back. Now that he has the ring rust off I think he’ll look
    better in his next fight. I mean he was even throwing heavy ass leg kicks!
    Haven’t seen Rampage do that since even before the title fight with Bones.

  4. peppertime1 says:

    is that me… or even the knees jackson thrown was slow… its the first
    time i see him since ufc… man… maybe i can put this on lag… but
    everything he did was so slow… hurry up t build your wallet rampage..

  5. MrBrockHeinz says:

    Beltran was winning that round, Rampage isn’t going to beat the top light
    heavys in Bellator.

  6. erick kaslov says:

    Did they do this the same night as UFC 168?

  7. icecold723 says:

    rampage don’t deseve the main event

  8. Juz Gaming says:

    Lets be honest, That KO was awful, If he was fighting a decent striker he
    would have got KO’d winging punch’s like he did.

  9. SkylineOwnz says:

    I’m a little confused about why the guy didn’t just let him hold the mic
    for a few seconds though

  10. jale christ says:

    awesome I knew Rampage was still a beast. Good job Keep it up! 😀

  11. icecold723 says:

    rampage don’t deseve the main event

  12. Benjamin Kelly says:

    It was unashamedly cool to see Rampage knock somebody out again 🙂

  13. Cage Riot MMA says:

    The Fight Network – Bellator MMA 108 – Fight Network Recap: Bellator MMA
    108 – Fight Network Recap http://www.fightnetwork.com – Fight Network
    recaps all the action from the fireworks show that was Bellator 108. On a
    card jampacked with stoppages, “Rampage” Jackson made his… #MMA @fightnet

  14. Ivan Reyes says:

    Rampage still sucks

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