13 comments on “Bellator MMA 131: Tito Ortiz vs. Stephan Bonnar Full Fight Reaction”

  1. keithsa41 says:

    colonel, what ortiz vs bonnar did you watch? I saw this embarrassment
    spectacle on spike. Bonnar looked like a geniaratic old fighter. His
    punches were horribly telegraphed, off the mark, amateurish. He was out of
    gas from the start.. He knows he is finished.. Ortiz although was in shape,
    his days are over, he is just in denial. This fight was a joke, good thing
    it was free, both fighters looked old, tired and laughable.. Complete

  2. Tristan F. says:

    Fuck you asshole. Get a job. No one wants to watch your shitty fight
    reviews. We want highlights. Not to look at your ugly ass that is starving
    for attention. Again get a job, lay off the social media and quit posting
    these gay fucking videos. 

  3. Austin Mccoy says:

    Lol Gabriel your funny

  4. Gabriel Clair says:

    Hard core mma action? Awesome mayhem? Did you watch the fight? Do you
    realize the only reason Stephan bonnar bled is because he has so much scar
    tissue…..you don’t know anything about martial arts at all….your fat 

  5. fear4me says:


  6. altenburg423 says:

    is this guy serious?

  7. Finnsjufaninganamn says:

    why the fuck do you write “full fight”. Just by this i know i hate you.
    Attention seeking fat baby of a “man”

  8. Peter Bennett says:

    lay off the drugs you fuck!what are you saying???

  9. Fefop1981 says:

    fuck you pig

  10. curtean1978 says:

    OMFG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T STAND THIS KIND OF


  11. Joe Bruno says:

    I think your a nutcase

  12. rimshaft says:

    This review sucks a fat sweaty veiny cock, the type that you see a porno
    bitch suck after taking it in the ass all smothered in fecal matter.

  13. Colonel Jackz Destination says:

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