6 comments on “Bellator MMA 97 Preview”

  1. billabui says:

    Wtf are you talking about?

  2. videohost199 says:

    elbows in the head is a stupid rights. Only US wild show could allow it. Wild West is back. US must die.

  3. videohost199 says:

    Do you want to say it is only reason? Because the shadow of Russian Fedor? Bro, here you are wrong.

  4. tony montana says:

    wrestlers will dominate..wish cole konrad never left…how does the champion retire at so young of age.

  5. Furreal Doe says:

    The Russians have arrived? As far as Fedor’s legacy is concerned I don’t think they’ve ever been absent. :I

  6. johnnyh6946 says:

    ufc veteran? uscola had like two fights in the ultimate fighter, never was part of the roster and never fought on an actual card. and that makes him a ufc vet? i don’t even consider him ever being apart of the ufc.

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