17 comments on “Bellator MMA 98 Changes; Joe Warren Out, Mir vs. Overeem at UFC 167 on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. philipee32 says:

    both guys retire win or lose

  2. jonny martinez says:

    mir needs to keep his back off cage

  3. antjmi says:

    True I could never get tired of watching Overeem fight unless of course he gets KO’d again in the first round by Mir! His UFC days will be over

  4. jj305456 says:

    Mir is gonna end up retarded by the end of his career.

  5. therealmo says:

    fire randeem! please!

  6. DecaMMM says:

    Mir will cut down to 205 if he loses or he’ll get cut or just retire. Overeem should have won his last two fights he was winning until he start putting his hands down cause he gases out after the first 2 minutes.

  7. drodsta13 says:

    If the reem gets worked by Mir his ass needs to hang it up no doubt

  8. Harley Quintero says:

    Just some growing pains no big deal. Bellator puts on great fights and that’s all that matters to me.

  9. JediMindTrikkz says:

    haha i swear i see you commenting on durianriders videos too? you must be a smart man. 😀 aha

  10. Frank V says:

    Mir was in the best shape of his career in the last fight, or at least the best shape in a long time. If he can get it to the ground he can take him but I don’t think he can take the pounding in the stand up.

  11. Poopiesnoopies says:

    Bellator is in big trouble. They remove the female division. THEY HAD HUGE NEGOTIATION PROBLEMS WITH EDDIE ALVAREZ. The ratings were declining so they have to move it to another day . And it looks like they’re not going to sign Ben Askren back

  12. JRoc14NSL says:

    No buzz at all

  13. Santa Barbara Arts TV YouTube Partner Global News says:


  14. Poopiesnoopies says:

    Wow I didn’t know the finale was this weekend either

  15. Chris Sirc says:

    Oh and I watched all of fight master and I didn’t know the finale was this weekend. They are messing up..

  16. Chris Sirc says:

    Pitbull should be on the main card..he is great to watch..

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