12 comments on “Bellator MMA: Bellator 131 Moment – Joe Schilling KO’s Melvin Manhoef”

  1. Oneil Z Dunkley says:

    Melvin has a glass jaw.


    This fight was awesome as fu**, well done Scott Coker, I like what your
    bringing to the fans.

  3. - Rukus says:

    Melvin ManHeof have the Overeem syndrome.

  4. AJDEFIXION says:

    sad to see manhoef and hunt go down :(

  5. Gustavo Fring says:

    Melvin is such an exciting fighter to watch, i’m so disappointed he lost

  6. slashedaway22 says:

    I hope the Coker era will have production like this event

  7. 434Saibot says:

    I shouted in excitement when Melvin got knocked out. It was a nice

  8. fabknows says:

    that referees badass beard

  9. Gore M says:

    the way he falls to the ground is pretty funny

  10. RODNEY P says:

    This was a total highlight reel knockout. I am totally looking forward to
    Bobby Lashley vs James Thompson 2. Hopefully, James Thompson will keep the
    low blows in check (lol)

  11. EveryThing For You Productions says:

    wow you guys are fucking goofs take down my video I worked on it and got a
    lot of views on it and you guys take it down wtf is that shit we are
    advertising titos fight and you guys take it down fucking goofs.

  12. Super Tech says:

    Why won’t they show the tito highlights

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