24 comments on “Bellator MMA: Bellator 131 Official Weigh-Ins – Tito vs. Bonnar”

  1. syndawg89 says:

    what a great card from Bellator. Wish they would get rid of their ring
    announcer though he’s annoying as fuck


    Ortiz vs Bonnar is worth watching but the promotion for this fight sucked.

  3. Dj Conyac says:

    This is actually a really good fight card

  4. nicumecu says:

    I’m more excited to see Manhoef fight then the main event..

  5. mikebessey says:

    Is bellator available in the uk at all?

  6. Kuzlica says:

    Bonnar looked like shit, told ya all drug testing gonna ruin this in the
    long run.

  7. Swaglord350 says:

    Corker > Dana

  8. svinoBorsh1Ru says:

    looks like Bonnar is clean.

  9. Yield Reviews says:

    Title fights should be main event, I don’t even care for Ortiz or Bonnar’s
    fight. I’m watching this for the co-main then turning it off afterwards.


  10. Christian Abelarde says:

    Chandler by KO. That’s the real main event. Fuck Ortiz vs Bonnar. 

  11. Ricardo Mendez says:

    Lol will brooks didn’t win the first fight and why is he caring that
    meaningless interim title that isn’t on the line 

  12. TheAntManChannel says:

    Good stare down xp

  13. TheUnderdog6 says:

    Those nipples…

  14. david bond says:

    Looks to exaggerated (the build up)

  15. UFC SuperFan says:

    Great card! A few notes…
    1. Tito sure loves his pedialyte and was still thirsty after finishing that
    entire bottle
    2. I was expecting more masked men to come out
    3. The ring girl on the left had me distracted the entire video
    4. Scott Coker looked really nervous that they were going to brawl on the

  16. slashedaway22 says:

    Hopefully the weigh ins look more like this in the future with monthly

  17. Roydon Mitton says:

    What a fucking nightmare. 

  18. BiggyKAllDay says:

    Stephan is fucking up is TES cycle. Starting to develop tissue in his

  19. rcw3403 says:

    Jordan Bailey seems like a tool, i hope he gets KTFO

  20. MrWackywilson says:

    bonner man boobs

  21. mucahit cifci says:

    Where can you watch it live and how late?

  22. Droidlikesapples says:

    Don’t break a hip.

  23. ThyJovan says:

    What the fuck is up with the Marines gimmick, what is this shit. 

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