22 comments on “Bellator MMA Feature : Prindle vs Thompson”

  1. James Fullard says:

    the nut shot heard around the world? FUCK!!!! I always take my trips to the
    moon at the wrong time because I missed that one lol

  2. BAZER81 says:

    Funny promo.
    Glad most people here took it as a joke.

  3. TheKlingonFarmer says:

    James Thompson aka the white Bob Sapp. He’s probably going to tap out after
    air hits his chin.

  4. NT says:

    Can’t wait.

  5. TheAntManChannel says:

    Hope Thomson wins.

    P.S. This was the weirdest promo ever.

  6. Damian Rivero says:

    that was pretty hilarious, a few promos like this every now and then
    wouldn’t be all that bad I think

  7. Roman Semenov says:


  8. Arturo Stacey says:

    What in the hell was this promo? Bellator marketing department, you are
    doing it wrong

  9. thebanaap says:

    This is like a parody of a promo.
    Not to be taken too seriously….. just like this card.

  10. Lance Thompson says:

    Damn that was sick 

  11. Danny Shaw says:

    great promo. the narrator is key. I want to hire him for my parties
    Andrew Montesi I think is who it is

  12. Mark Tanteo says:

    I was a fighter until I took a dropped heel on the crotch 

  13. sprawl005 says:

    Wow! I like bellator but what the hell was that garbage? I’m actually upset
    that I watched that. I’m not getting those three minutes back am I

  14. Joshua Yarger says:

    Wow .. 

  15. Bryan Romero says:

    Haha love the tongue-in-cheek promo, they know the fighters weaknesses and
    they relish on them.

  16. TheKaraider says:

    cheesiest trailer since monson vs kerr…i’ll still end up watching it

  17. Robin Kumar says:

    Greatest promo ever LOL

  18. ethan199303 says:

    Whhhhhat? The nut shot heard around the world? Prindle acted like he lost
    his testicles after a little tap on the cup. He pussed out of that fight.

  19. Daniel Dragovic says:

    Prindle by 1st rd KO. Thompson’s chin won’t last.

  20. drumtravelfun says:

    …not sure if serious

  21. John Doe says:

    Better promos than the ufc’s lol

  22. thenoodleking says:

    When are they going to drug test Prindle? No one is supposed to turn that

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