Bellator MMA: Foundations with Melvin Manhoef

Bellator MMA analyst Jimmy Smith takes a closer look at hard hitting Middleweight, Melvin Manhoef’s last win, as he made a statement which helped define his “Foundation”.

11 comments on “Bellator MMA: Foundations with Melvin Manhoef”

  1. Charlie Brown says:

    Manhoef is overrated.
    Ridiculous power but the weakest chin in the business xP
    Robbie lawler and joe schilling both starched this dude with love taps 😛 

  2. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

    *Bellator MMA: Foundations w/ Melvin Manhoef*

  3. AJDEFIXION says:

    fucking love manhoef! that speed and explosive power, he still got it.

  4. jeremyshambles says:

    he has always been my favorite fighter, best style and up there with fedor
    in terms of fighting technique and their inclination to always fight for a

  5. KoolGNasBlackThought says:

    Marshall took a dive

  6. Huakbar Hunter says:

    The dutch black beast

  7. TheSpanishzombie says:

    Man if only he didnt have a chin as soft as a pillow

  8. Abisai Lozada says:

    *Bellator MMA: Foundations w/ Melvin Manhoef*

  9. carole Durst says:

    *Bellator MMA: Foundations w/ Melvin Manhoef*

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