19 comments on “Bellator MMA: Free Full Fight | George vs Vorgeas”

  1. ronnie mugica says:

    It’s called MMA for a reason lol Kids these days it’s not called street
    fights they are professional athletes not gang bangin homeboy vatos. MMA is
    a way of Life and if you never lived it you can’t say shit about it.

  2. Александр Дворников says:

    Молодец что бить не стал ! А судья спал , как и проигравший …

  3. broo gul says:

    Fire this useless piece of shit ref

  4. ZandR90 says:

    ………………………………………. GOOD JOB REF

  5. bcosizm says:


  6. Paintmaster5f00 says:

    Yea classy Chad George.. but holy fuck.

  7. ethan199303 says:

    Incase people were wondering about the von flue choke.. you press your
    bicep into the side of the neck and ram your shoulder into the front and
    put all your weight into it

  8. archetypeparadigms says:

    Jesus Christ who licenses these refs? Telling them to work when someone is
    in side control – then not even knowing when a fighter is unconscious, SMH

  9. blackjackomfg says:

    He said “I’m working a choke” 

  10. TheAntManChannel says:

    Wow, this ref had no idea he was out?

  11. broo gul says:

    not only does the ref not recognize a position approaching a sub, he’s
    threatening to restart the position! what a fucking asshole! the lack of
    education of both refs and judges is a disgrace… piece of shit boxing
    pricks “grandfathered” into jobs. Fuck em

  12. Joe Mamma says:

    Hopefully the ref learned something, or he may wind up with a dead fighter
    on his watch someday…

  13. Funny Town says:

    pro choke

  14. Kart Mc says:

    I don’t see how he won.?????

  15. hennetee says:

    That was kinda wierd, how did he pass out doe?

  16. ethan199303 says:

    That ref is an idiot.. props to george

  17. CALMBEATS says:

    hate when one guy wants to just try and go for chokes.
    never acceptable in street fights. just fight wouldja-

  18. WhatTheF WhatTheH says:

    Stupid boxing ref.

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