25 comments on “Bellator MMA Full Fight: Jeff Nader vs Dan Cramer – Bellator 48”

  1. mozambique1500 says:

    That fight was arranged by the organizers, until he was not winning that
    winner was 13/2 to win, so imagine if you put $10000 bet on him… and also
    referee stopped the fight because the one who lost was not punching? not
    more coments

  2. Ludus Jake says:

    Fight Plan: Get taken to the ground, roll around covering my face,
    windmill, some how win.

  3. Stag Designs says:

    What a win!

  4. Keith Berry says:

    cool fight :-)

  5. Ryan Yaxley says:

    lol shouldnt of been stopped in 1st n 2nd but the ref shouldve warned him
    to be active and that uppercut was perfect and cramer was tucked up in bed
    as soon as it landed

  6. Joshua Clark says:

    Cramer dominated Brett Cooper earlier this year too and Cooper went crazy
    in the 3rd round and knocked him out.

  7. Abel Ekonomakos says:

    Terrible fight, dude is throwing nonstop elbows to the head while he’s
    covered up meanwhile the body and thigh is wide open barely landing
    anything, then a bad stoppage

  8. andrew stormes says:

    If I was ref I would have stopped in the first or second round. If I was
    Cramer I would have been tempted to tap on the 2nd and just walk.

  9. Andy Watts says:

    Beautiful uppercut, that’s what you get for thumbing his eye lol :D

  10. shevegen says:

    stoppage was too early

    should have waited until he was really knocked down, not just shaken

  11. Shane Cormier says:

    Nader was never in danger of being finished. Cramer was out on his feel and
    took too many heavy hits without defending himself. Just because he didn’t
    hit the mat doesn’t mean he wasn’t out. Any more punches after that last
    one would not only have been unnecessary, but dangerous. Good stoppage. You
    guys just like to see someone get seriously hurt before you’re satisfied. 

  12. Cory Hill says:

    Good stoppage. Idiots here don’t realize that if the ref didn’t jump in he
    would have been brutally knocked out. The only reason he recovered from the
    uppercut was because the ref intervened.

  13. SparkitSpartan says:

    Stupidest ref of all time seriously WTF

  14. kira yamato says:

    horrible stoppage haha ref should be fired

  15. Summer Rustick says:

    That is the worst reff performance I have ever seen. Bellator should be
    ashamed of this fight, let alone put it as “best comeback ever”. It was not
    a comeback, dude got rocked no doubt but the fight should have been stopped
    in the first and second round. It shouldn’t have been stopped when he was
    shook. The reff was prob the guys friend.

  16. Luke Petersen says:

    that was fucking horrid refereeing

  17. Kostadinfy says:

    why he was not hitting in the rib in the beginning?

  18. nanabaws says:

    Cramer couldn’t finish a shit man!

  19. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    horrible stoppage.

  20. jason disney says:

    he cant stop it if he can defend himself the ref did a good call in the

  21. SaintPhilForever says:

    Yes it should have been stopped twice, but regardless that was the greatest
    comeback of all time.

  22. Dale Denison says:

    Cramer got robbed twice. It should’ve been stopped when he was winning and
    been allowed to go a bit longer when he was losing at the end.

  23. JohnLawrenceCobraKai says:

    The ref did stop that shit, you moron.

  24. ben garrett says:

    That was wack. Why not stop the fight in the 1st and then stop it in the
    3rd? Honestly this fight was bullshit. Kevin mullhall and that dude are
    dating or some shit wtf

  25. Tactical Italian says:

    That fucking ref should be fired

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