14 comments on “Bellator MMA Highlights: Emanuel Newton Submits Linton Vassell in Championship Rounds”

  1. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

    *Bellator MMA Highlights: Emanuel Newton Submits Linton Vassell in
    Championship Rounds*

    Bellator 130 Highlights – October 24, 2014 – Emanuel Newton defended his
    Light Heavyweight Championship with a fifth round finish, while Bobby
    Lashley, Marloes Coenen and Dave Jansen also notched wins in the Bellator

  2. BlueFacondor says:

    Wow lashleys opponent….just came to collect a pay check. One punch to the
    ear and he turtles….rigged.


    Main event was so sick. I knew Newton had spinning sh** up his sleeve but
    for him to dig deep and whoop some as, that was awesome. Proven warrior,
    can’t wait to see him scrap with Rampage.

  4. JTov! says:

    promoting ex-ufc washouts over your main homegrown attractions, is a
    mistake. imo, but im not a tv producer :)

  5. byLO TREK says:


  6. Bradley Tucker says:

    Newton vs.Vassell was a great fight

  7. Saul Gallegos says:

    Newton great spirit to keep of going true champion!!!

  8. TrippinBraah says:

    Newton is a great champion!!

  9. Vitor ribeiro says:

    the light heavyweight category of bellator is very bad

  10. MacLeeEntertainment says:

    That Newton kid is tough

  11. Chris Sirc says:

    that newton fight was dope as fuck. and the jensen one also. 

  12. Reikoreigan Reseñas says:

    emanuel newton is a good champion

  13. MMA man says:

    I don’t care what anyone says. Emmanuel Newton is not unorthodox. Two
    spinning backfists doesn’t make him unorthodox. 

  14. MMA man says:

    Newton’s dance is so funny

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