Bellator MMA Highlights from the Gwinnet Center

A new middleweight champion was crowned, as Alexander Shlemenko scored a second round KO over Maiquel Falcao to claim the vacant title. The featherweight tournament also started with four quarterfinals fights. Check out the highlights from February 7, 2013.

22 comments on “Bellator MMA Highlights from the Gwinnet Center”

  1. Oleg Derenchuk says:

    Хасбулаев и Шлемеко - молорики!

  2. MrDogman9999 says:

    Bas regularly misnames techniques.

    I’ve never heard anyone call a jab a straight left, it makes no sense. The “straight” (or cross) refers to a straight punch from the rear hand. Probably just a slip up on Smith’s part, I still think he’s the best MMA commentator out there.

  3. DangerStranger88 says:

    That sad when you can share your dreams only in Internet…

  4. Triggerman323 says:

    i guess so

  5. TreyMMA says:

    Bas calls jabs straight lefts too sometimes, it really has to do with where you come from or what disciplines you’re most acustom to.

  6. MrDogman9999 says:

    Straight left? that’s called a jab jimmy.

  7. jtmagicman25 says:

    I wish bruce lee would have ripped him a new ass hole and settled this whole fuckin chuck thang. lee would have murdered him.

  8. Triggerman323 says:

    I heard chuck Norris got punked like a pussy in san diego. late 80s

  9. jtmagicman25 says:

    I don’t know why, but that made me think of a fist flyin out of chuck norris’s beard.

  10. Triggerman323 says:

    Frodo baggins from Lord of rings? ill smack that lil shitzu to sleep. fuck outta here.

  11. maracoca89 says:

    @Triggerman323 I can show millions of Russian who will easily knock you out

  12. soiledbyhate says:

    tell that to frodo, hell kill you. and he only 5′ 8″

  13. Triggerman323 says:

    I remember I beat down a hairy Russian in las vegas in 2010. I had his punk ass begging for mercy. the crazy shit is, he was 6ft6in hahahaha. and I still whipped his ass.

  14. Triggerman323 says:

    Russians are hairy pussys hahahahha

  15. AllianceMMA1 says:

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  16. jtmagicman25 says:

    I agree, but he’s one tough russian.

  17. jtmagicman25 says:

    Akop got robbed.

  18. Sean Carleton says:

    You’re right. I mean he didn’t deserve the win.

  19. sunnyahsan1 says:

    Shlemenko gets sloppy sometimes.

  20. MachoMaster says:

    That’s not true. The judges (two of them) were so terrible, that Sandro would have won the fight even without the point deduction!

  21. Sean Carleton says:

    Great show.

    Sandro is lucky his opponent held the cage, because he would have lost had there been no point deduction.

    As good as Falcao is, Shlemenko is in another league, he proved it last Thursday night.

  22. BlueAmerican26 says:

    damn those body shoots to falco

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