12 comments on “Bellator MMA Highlights: Joe Warren Defeats Eduardo Dantas for the Bantamweight Title”

  1. LossesCostUs says:

    Warren’s wrestling is beast. He should’ve lost a point for that kick though

  2. ubtrio08 says:

    FIRST to comment

  3. AJDEFIXION says:

    page vs zaromskis or daley please!


    Didn’t think Warren was gonna throw Dantas for five. That was nuts.

  5. ZombieSlayer31294 says:

    Hell yeah i was their last night

  6. Chris Sirc says:

    I’m happy for Joe Warren the dude talks a lot but keeps getting better at
    kicking ass. Every fight he looks better and better 

  7. William Boynton says:

    Who did McCarthy kick out after Round 2 of Warren-Dantas? End of the
    round, Dantas hits Warren back of the head, someone yells from the area of
    the corner, McCarthy says “SHUT UP!” and then demands someone be removed
    right after the bell. Couldn’t really tell what happened on TV.

  8. zimzimzim says:

    Warren clearly lost the fight including illegal kick…

    but then again Judges are pro US fighters.

  9. Pencils440 says:

    Nah-Shon, more like Nah to the show. Fuck you for making the Page fight

  10. MiiN7AGE says:

    The warren decision is bullshit

  11. MMA Junkie says:

    Shitty highlights.

  12. Sean Grace says:

    Nah shon burrell did not come to fight he came to survive.

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