Bellator MMA Highlights: Paul Bradley Holds Down Josh Neer

Highlights from Bellator 129 on October 17, 2014 where Paul Bradley takes it to the 3rd and final round with Josh Neer delivering 15 minutes of epic ground and pound.

8 comments on “Bellator MMA Highlights: Paul Bradley Holds Down Josh Neer”

  1. JonJonesP4PKing says:

    Worst event of the year every fight sucked ufc 176 was better.

  2. epathebay says:

    Garbage card
    Garbage fighters

  3. Juggernaut2790 says:

    the fact this is TITLED paul bradley HOLDS down josh neer just shows what a
    bad fight it was :/


    lol at neer being butthurt, dude needs to practicing some tdd, or maybe
    some bjj, learn a few sweeps, to be honest i think neer is too weak for
    that division, dude needs to drop down

  5. Darkony says:

    Love these highlights.

    Keep going Bellator.

  6. realswhattheytellyou says:

    only one truly entertaining fight, the second where the Brazilian was
    STOPPING the takedown and making it a fight. the rest suuuuuucked

  7. William Boynton says:

    “Epic” ground and pound? I do not think that word means what you think it

  8. Swishah . says:

    Houston Alexander should have had a little more personal restraint, those
    headbutts cost him the W.

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