8 comments on “Bellator MMA Highlights: Paul Bradley Holds Down Josh Neer”

  1. JonJonesP4PKing says:

    Worst event of the year every fight sucked ufc 176 was better.

  2. epathebay says:

    Garbage card
    Garbage fighters

  3. Juggernaut2790 says:

    the fact this is TITLED paul bradley HOLDS down josh neer just shows what a
    bad fight it was :/


    lol at neer being butthurt, dude needs to practicing some tdd, or maybe
    some bjj, learn a few sweeps, to be honest i think neer is too weak for
    that division, dude needs to drop down

  5. Darkony says:

    Love these highlights.

    Keep going Bellator.

  6. realswhattheytellyou says:

    only one truly entertaining fight, the second where the Brazilian was
    STOPPING the takedown and making it a fight. the rest suuuuuucked

  7. William Boynton says:

    “Epic” ground and pound? I do not think that word means what you think it

  8. Swishah . says:

    Houston Alexander should have had a little more personal restraint, those
    headbutts cost him the W.

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