5 comments on “Bellator MMA Highlights – The Heavyweight & Welterweight Semifinals”

  1. ChrisDanceMusic says:

    It was a great card

  2. Alexandar Alexov says:

    Blagoi, you amaze us all ! Wish you best of luck and want you to know, that
    all of Bulgaria is with you ! Respect. You were meant to survive the 20+
    stabs !

  3. polakoune says:

    i appreciate lot of tournament in Bellator 😉 UFC Should doing same thing 😉
    Sorry to my language, i don’t know speak English 🙁

    I appreciate lot of Bellator show, verry most brutal and exiting than UFC
    card.. for the moment..

  4. KOBA DAD says:

    Благой молодец!

  5. 2Jlekapb6 says:

    Благой мужик,должен проходить на Виталия,будет интересный бой!

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