Bellator MMA – Jan 17 Highlights

Bellator MMA premiered on Spike January 17 with two world title fights, as lightweight champion Michael Chandler remained undefeated by submitting Olympian Rick Hawn. Pat Curran edged Patricio Pitbull in a five-round bout largely contested on the feet, retaining his featherweight title in the process. Also, Emanuel Newton, Jacob Noe and Mikhail Zayats all advanced to the light heavyweight semifinals. Check out the highlights from Irvine, California.

24 comments on “Bellator MMA – Jan 17 Highlights”

  1. KarateGrappIing says:


  2. 11111abrakadabra says:

    can You upload Zayats vs Sobral fight??? … Russian guy is well rounded, i liked his moves, probably bright prospect in Bellator, if King Mo lawal will not kick his ass…

  3. Triggerman323 says:

    curran is a bum

  4. Triggerman323 says:

    newton in whipping ass

  5. 14traits says:

    Dare I say, both Chandler and Pat Curran are becoming elite level MMA fighters. I honestly think Curran can hang with Jose Aldo and with his strong wrestling and submission game, his iron shin, his technical striking and head movement and his great conditioning can actually beat Aldo

  6. OppressedAnarchist says:

    I can’t wait until Curran attempts to go to the UFC and Bellator sues him.

  7. SundiMundi says:

    Chandler looks like Dos Santos but fights like Velasquez. Guy’s a beast.

  8. cazz3000 says:

    couldnt agree more, it really does make sense when you put it into perspective like that
    none of this “i am the #1 contender cause i talk more” nonsense…

  9. juanndee68 says:

    @carlosnava18 ok i will thanks man

  10. carlosnava18 says:

    watch pat curran vs joe warren. and you’ll see how much of a beast he really is!

  11. shibuyagto says:

    HUGE debut on Spike for Bellator !

  12. chrisavila1172 says:

    Seth is stupid. If you know your knee is messed up why would you go for a take down?

  13. comeonmakemyday says:

    dana white -his own worst enemy.

  14. ethan199303 says:

    Michael keeps beating all my favourite fighters 😀

  15. Teckniphobia says:

    Whoever had the idea of putting the tournaments on television needs a pat on the back. They are hugely television-friendly, easy to understand, and give a greater sense of purpose to each of the fights. You know that, if this guy wins, he moves on to the next round of the tournament, and that the winner of this tournament will have justly earned their place as a title challenger. Beats the heck out of being thrown into the match by the promoter.

  16. steve9348 says:

    fuck DANA-HYPE

  17. steve9348 says:

    bellator taking over dana white hahaha

  18. killacandy69 says:

    Padddy MIKE

  19. joey1324 says:

    good night of fights to start off the spike era 

  20. juanndee68 says:

    New bellator fan here. Liking what I saw. Curran is a beast

  21. kingpug says:

    Man is Sobral still about? the guy has no chin lol.

  22. jbillycrack says:

    pat looked amazing

  23. Criss Redfield says:

    First comment fuck yeah

  24. LOLatPactards says:


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