13 comments on “Bellator MMA: Jan 31 Highlights”

  1. Dan Hartmann says:

    You people do realize Dana Doesn’t own zuffa right? So Dana won’t be buying a Fucking thing and never has. He’s turning into such a crybaby too. Moody bitch.

  2. Triggerman323 says:


  3. Hrollief1 says:

    That would suck. I remeber watching pro wrestling when I was younger and being able to choose between two quality shows (WWF and WCW) then WCW was bought then 5 years later the WWE shows are too stupid to watch and you have no other options…I would hate to see that happen to mma.

  4. 777elbandido says:

    Tiger fight’s like a real Tiger Sanja tak derzatj !

  5. Vato0fSteel says:

    Pretty sure mark Cuban and Donald trump had more money too when decieded to endorse afflication

  6. UFCandBellatorMMA says:

    Zuffa can’t buy Bellator now. Bellator is owned by Viacom who has more money than the Zuffa/UFC (which is NOT owned by FOX). Viacom might have more cash than FOX lol, not sure though

    Unless, say, Bellator has really crappy numbers on spike for some reason and Viacom is losing money with bellator but even then I really doubt Zuffa wants to buy another mma promotion after buying FOUR of them lol

  7. jjmdirector says:

    Helicopter FTW!!!

  8. jjkkllqaswqdqasqwd says:

    Dana will buy Bellator just to kick out Randy

  9. Triggerman323 says:

    i bet dana will buy bellator like he did strikeforce.

  10. Cyberplex says:

    Can’t wait to see randy couture debut as a coach

  11. ICEBLOCC211 says:

    tiger is a fucking beast

  12. iElectryXi says:

    great fights, thanks

  13. Tope von Teese says:


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