17 comments on “Bellator MMA: Live on PPV May 17 Rampage Jackson Takes on King Mo”

  1. king bibibear says:

    I was going to buy this ppv but the Alvarez fight ain’t happening…. It
    would’ve been good with all the fights together but they just lost a really
    good fight : (

  2. FlipQ88 says:

    You’re fucking stupid if you think people are buying this shit. 

  3. Keyser Smokey says:

    Who the hell is going to watch this without Alvarez vs Chandler?!?!

  4. Ari Pau says:

    WTH happend to Eddie alvarez?

  5. ChrisDanceMusic says:

    Gutted Alvarez wont be on the card but there are other great fights. I will
    be watching as we get it free here in the UK :D

  6. Artem Spartan says:

    Still a sickass card, don’t get me wrong!
    Respect BELLATOR for that!

  7. Darrien T says:

    Only if the description was like the preview.

  8. Wavy Crocket says:

    I already pre ordered it. Its only 35 bucks. I ordered it to help out the
    sport of MMA plus i like Bjorn and Ive been following Rampages career since
    he fought Sakuraba and King Mo since he was in Strikeforce. I hope they get
    a percentage of the PPV.

  9. Andrew Shields says:

    Bummed about Alvarez but I’ll still be watching.

  10. iamalex4life says:

    Eddie will be good to go in 2-3 months. He couldn’t fight because of a
    concussion, I bet you he’s training right now while theres a fake belt out

  11. Teh1337geek says:

    I wouldn’t pay a cent for this without the trilogy fight 

  12. Darrien T says:

    Now they changed it thanks bellator 

  13. iamalex4life says:

    My only problem is the interim belt because Eddie suffered a concussion,
    such bogus scheme

  14. johnnyz101 says:

    bellator seems like its perfectly inbetween UFC and WWE. Its got all the
    cheesiness from the wwe but obviously they cant acting on fighting. 

  15. CrybabyKiller2014 says:

    So much bitching. I don’t give a shit what the main event is as long as
    people are fighting, I’m watching.

  16. Charlie Brown says:

    A serious waste of time and money-___-
    2 sellouts, one scrub and a guy who got robbed from
    His title shot…
    The only real fight worth watching and bellators only real draw went
    straight into the shitter

  17. PrisonEarth says:

    if tito doesnt back out at the last minute it will be great to see him lose
    to a middleweight. LOL

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