25 comments on “Bellator MMA: Lloyd Woodard vs. Patricky Pitbull Full Fight”

  1. M Dylan says:

    that was a real fight. both guys wanted this win. extremely high energy

  2. MarieSueMax says:

    this is just slaughter

  3. rebelish9 says:


  4. mocked angel says:

    Wow dude str8 beast! 🙂 :-)

  5. fblogger100 says:

    впервые вижу победу кимурой, хотя посмотрел уже боев 1000

  6. talhesson rodrigues gonçalves says:

    Vitória Top do Pit-Bull

  7. rob lipiec says:

    Great fight! Happy Woodard took it in the end .

  8. Jim Carigga says:

    He looks like Soda Popinsky from Punch Out. 

  9. Marcio Rufino says:

    Lutaço também

  10. Gedanbarai Modem says:

    Very nice

  11. Jack Jacky says:

    7:14 “THERE IS THE TAPPP ! ” 😀 Haha

  12. Ludus Jake says:

    Pitbull is one ugly cunt – like Sylvester Stallone’s face got run over by a

  13. Bellator Fanhouse says:

    Patricky’s cool as he did a cool interview with TRACEY O worth checking out
    funny n sexy!

  14. Mallion Wolftear says:

    It wasn’t Woodard that won, it was his Mustache

  15. John3121000 says:

    pitbull couldnt finish lost balance and lost his ass later…

  16. lloyd woodard says:

    Got feed some humble pie that fight. Just trying to induce a brawl for your
    enjoyment. I will keep my hands up and lips sealed and work with just my
    skill next time. Sorry hope to make you a cupcake fan some day.

  17. sumoshinobi says:

    i love you bellator

  18. meghannmariexx18 says:

    first you talk shit about woodard saying he annoys you now you are sucking
    on his dick…… fucking FAGGOT is what you are

  19. JaxenChaz says:

    Woodard!! I like this guy. Respect the ‘Stache!!! Great fight, thank you
    Bellator! These guys have got gameness.

  20. MMAforMofos says:


  21. TheBestMMAHouse says:

    Holy shit, WHAT A FIGHT!

  22. Paulo Sergio Dantas says:

    Kbd2996 Tá Locuo? Patrick e tão bom quanto o irmão Patricio! Lloyd Woodard
    deu sorte ao encaixar aquela americana! #Fato! em cima ele passou mal!

  23. SuperKanyewest Chiwy says:

    amigol o que pasa es que la experiencia te da mesura! en cambio estos tipos
    estan empezando y tiene hambre de gloria por eso es que las peleas son mas
    atractivas !

  24. Adam R says:

    Not strikeforce. They show alot of mismatches

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