17 comments on “Bellator MMA: Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez 2- Full weigh in video”

  1. datDANK says:

    can’t say anything good just shut your mouth. it was a very close fight and Alvarez might had truly won.. i have to watch it again.

    But for me to pick the HUGE underdog against the UNDEFEATED champ who ALREADY BEAT him in the first match?? that takes, balls, skill, knowledge, fighting intuition. Chadler is a beast and gains my respect every time he fights. But hey… I must had seen something in the pre fight workouts right?? because thats what I saw. I bet $1000 to win $2500

  2. tony montana says:

    got lucky there…wi5h decisions…anything is possible tho

  3. barriodeloco1 says:

    Bellator = Sexiest Ring Girls , like literally always compare to UFC .

  4. RockMikey says:

    Pat Curran looks like Jesse Pinkman to me lol

  5. ThugSafc says:

    he hardly hypes the crowd up

  6. ThugSafc says:

    lmfao they have there own dana and jor rogan

  7. Eddie Ribeiro says:

    My picks are…
    Strauss, Lawal, and Chandler

  8. FouetLianes says:

    wow , the guy on the mic looks like Joe Rogan 😀

  9. robbin hutchison says:

    chandler is going to murder alvarez

  10. Andrew D says:

    Omfg cannot wait. Also chandler saying he is not interested in a rematch aaaagahahahahahaha STFU dude. Also. I wonder about juicing in bellator. Interviewing him right off the scale before the state down is an unwanted interruption. Always after the staredown.

  11. 45codyblue says:

    Joe smoe almost had me fooled for a sec

  12. datDANK says:

    How good am I to pick the underdog in this fight? against the undefeated champ who beat him in their first match

  13. ThumbdownMan says:

    Eddie Alvarez is one scary dude.

  14. tony montana says:

    dont bet against chandler

  15. fred sanford says:

    Was that a bathroom scale?

  16. 420DROOPS21 says:

    WAR ALVAREZ!!!!,

  17. datDANK says:

    Eddie great great value at +225

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