13 comments on “Bellator MMA: Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez 2 Preview”

  1. Harley Quintero says:

    This should be such a great fight. Who cares about the circumstances outside of the cage. This fight needed to happen and i am just glad that we get to see it.

  2. sukhytoor66 says:

    This is the REAL Main event!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. childraper says:

    If Eddie wins he’s forced to rematch Chandler but if he loses then he is cut from Bellator. That’s how dirty Bellator contracts are.

  4. Jdinero207 says:

    Best fight on the card by far,another explosive foty.

  5. LossesCostUs says:

    Uhh… scrub? Chandler beat him via finish, after a war of 4 rounds too

  6. Jhazizi Films says:

    The hell you talking about, what a stupid statement

  7. noztr263 says:

    Once Eddie smokes this scrub Chandler he needs to come to the UFC. Alvarez by KO Rd 1

  8. ninjaspartan96 says:

    damn payper view! i would like to watch bellator free like it normally is but i might make an exception and buy this one

  9. captainbumerica says:

    “I whooped your ass in the 3RD ROUND”.. C’mon Eddie, you are better than that

  10. mr420 says:

    I got Chandler on this one he’s been on a roll. I like both fighters.

  11. joey1324 says:

    This is the real main event.

  12. jdailey01230 says:

    This should be the main event. Who cares a couple UFC has beens who haven’t been exciting or impressive in years

  13. johnnyfreaking says:

    Can’t wait!

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