12 comments on “Bellator MMA Mighlights from Mohegan Sun”

  1. Ethan's '93 Vet: YTPungent says:

    Predictions, brennan ward and mikkel parlo for finals.. then parlo for title shot

  2. Ethan's '93 Vet: YTPungent says:

    I used to think he was going to be champion and he was my favourite fighter after Imada and a few others he fought. I really thought he was the best at lightweight but not anymore =( his brother is still kick-ass

  3. ShinBigboss says:


  4. Chris Sirc says:

    fuking patricky lost. man, he gassed after the first round.

  5. Jbrahams45 says:

    Ward vs Parlo will be the final I reckon.

  6. alienmode22 says:

    hate his cocky attitude and he protests like a bitch every time he gets KOd

  7. SuperRonnieJ1183 says:

    1:26 … WTF was that?! LoL!

  8. 420DROOPS21 says:

    it would’ve been better to joe warren get knockout again. …why the hate for rogers by the way

  9. Breakdancing Baby Jesus says:

    Another awesome night of fights, would have been even better if Warren was fighting.


    Yay Mighlights

  11. TheBestMMAHouse says:

    Great event beyond the problems with the card 🙂

  12. alienmode22 says:

    brian rogers losing was great. i hate that asshole

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