20 comments on “Bellator MMA: Pitbull vs. Straus Official Weigh-Ins”

  1. Ray Reynolds says:

    was that pee stains on Straus’s boxers? wtf..even that ring girl looked
    irritated as hell after noticing it..had to force herself keeping that fake
    smile going

  2. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

    *Bellator MMA: Pitbull vs. Straus Official Weigh-Ins*

  3. Ollygoth says:

    Huhhuh..huh…the blonde chick does porn…uh uhuh…yeah….cool. She does
    porn…uh uh uh… Settle down beavis….

  4. DarkRenaissance2012 says:

    I wish Bellator didnt try to model UFC so closely… Just makes them look
    like UFC Budget Version…
    They need to have their own direction like Pride or Strikeforce does/did

  5. Chris Sirc says:

    finally the weigh ins are online…sweet…vai pitbull! vamo campeao!!

  6. SCForAll says:

    Thanks for uploading the weigh-in video to YouTube on a timely manner, and
    in HD.

  7. blackjackomfg says:

    Fernando Gonzalez is a beast!

  8. Swaglord350 says:

    Damn, I thought sokoudjou was on this card :(

  9. ATizzle08 says:

    Wait, since when is Bubba Jenkins a Featherweight?

  10. rodrigo anselmo says:

    Go Brazil!!!

  11. Carlito A says:

    Vamo Pit Bulll mete a porrada e manda de volta pra casa.. Essa luta vai ser

  12. overtkill7 says:

    Wait so they fired Jade Bryce to get a Jade Bryce look alike? The fuck?

  13. chouytheboy99 says:

    Those awkward handshakes lol

  14. YASPENA says:

    thanks bellator , keep it up!

  15. Destruction Magazine says:

    Stasera si riparte con lo spettacolo firmato Bellator MMA

  16. Bold Tiger MMA Free Contests says:

    Bellator 132 Friday Night

  17. Huakbar Hunter says:

    Jade Bryce by tko

  18. callum McDonald says:

    Come on Strauss 

  19. KiLL DoZeR says:

    houston alexander what a bum that dance off with kimbo SO BORING !!!

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