25 comments on “Bellator MMA PPV: Rampage vs Tito”

  1. Jja67890 says:

    Danm this is horrible

  2. livibam says:

    piss off Tito

  3. Bekhan Gadaev says:

    The Bridge is on GTA 5 😀

  4. sanya508 says:

    подскажите пожалуйста что за песня играет?)

  5. sanya508 says:

    please tell me what song is playing?

  6. king bibibear says:

    Even tho rampage & tito are out of their prime I think this card is crazy sick because all the other fights are awesome, I might have to get this one cause lately I’ve had to stop buying these bullcrap ufc ppvs, they’re even saying that jbj isn’t going to rematch gus, I didn’t watch that fight but I heard guys gave him a beat down, too much politics, I’d rather see tournament style fights & no wwe crap involved

  7. rhys peregrine says:

    Dana’s talked shit about this fight but apparently it’s okay for him to wheel out Rich Franklin every six months or so.
    Overall this is a good way to introduce casual fans to Bellator and let them know that MMA doesn’t begin and end with the UFC.

  8. mikemugs7 says:

    Id buy if it was $20

  9. TheLastFraudster says:

    Awesome card regardless of what you think about the main event.

  10. rockstarzee19 says:

    If you know chandler and alveraz are then your probably gonna watch anyways

  11. rockstarzee19 says:

    Rampage and Tito are the main event to draw casual fans to bellator. Who cares what the main event is.

  12. AJDEFIXION says:

    chandler vs alvarez should have been the main event. are people really looking more forward to rampage vs ortiz? :/

  13. jj305456 says:

    Very good promo, fuck the haters.

  14. Sim0n64 says:

    Who cares, they will be gassed by the time they get to the ring

  15. iTrainBellator says:

    Hows Dana’s jizz taste??

  16. jiahkong96 says:

    dana is gonna watch this fight

  17. CAINtheBULL says:

    David Fincher directed a video for the Rolling Stone’s song ‘Long is Strong.’

    This promo rips it off.

  18. Sanjay Maru says:

    Finally. Bellator pulled something off that looks like it was made with high production values.

  19. JTov! says:

    but, you look like a smurf.

  20. lol says:

    if alverez vs chandler was the main event instead of tito vs rampage people would be calling this one of the best cards ever.

  21. whaa89 says:

    lol, I never said they were co main you effeminate fairy. I said they’ve been in co main events and they’re legit bums.

    Holy fuck, your hair looks hilarious. You look so feminine, You have the facial structure of Uncle Fester and the hair of a wimp. That’s one goofy combination. Dudes must hit on your girl all the time while you’re there, lol what a weiner.

  22. JTov! says:

    they weren’t co-main, dummy

  23. whaa89 says:

    I’m so stoked that this isn’t one of those usual UFC cards they put on PPV in Canada or Brazil. Those cards are packed with farts from their respective countries who haven’t done shit to be on PPV but they want us to pay to watch those bums go at it. Thank you bellator for a stacked card. No irrelevant twats clogging up the lower half of the card.

  24. lIIusiveMan says:

    That wasn’t the co main event you idiot. Bellator is retarded for having Tito vs Rampage as the main event, they are irrelevant now. Chandler is a top 3 LW in the world he should be headlining.

  25. whaa89 says:

    The ufc nerds are going to bomb this. You go right ahead and watch bums like Brindan Schaub and Matt mitrione in the co main event of UFC cards and not complain one bit. You can also watch those shit cards they put on when they’re in Brazil or Canada packed with bums from BRAZIL AND CANADA, LOL.
    This card compared to a UFC card on PPV is stacked. Usually we have to settle for bums like Schaub or Mitrione co headlining cards but this time we get some real savages in Chandler and ALvarez.

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