13 comments on “Bellator MMA: Rampage Jackson Fight Highlights”

  1. ziongite says:

    Lol at 3:19 the guys says “eyes wide shut”. Either he meant wide open since
    that’s what they were or this commentator really likes Stanley Kubrick
    movies but even still I don’t see the linkage of that movie to some dude
    being knocked.

  2. syndawg89 says:


    even though it was staged I do like a good old promo

  3. mrmee1229 says:

    Rampage seems to love fighting dudes who are not on his level heh

  4. Saul Gallegos says:

    Go king Mo!

  5. Hazza101 says:

    Keep crushing those cans Rampage

  6. Vanilla Shaker says:


  7. baller4eva22 says:

    King Mo boutta fuck him up

  8. AmeDimeDiamond says:

    Im rampage all the way

  9. Mrgummiwurm says:

    Early stoppage on Beltran

  10. Ricardo Mendez says:

    mo lawal is like oh shit im a dead man 

  11. Harley Quintero says:

    I wish i was sponsored by Monster.

  12. Jim B says:

    He went from fighting the best, to fighting some random dudes

  13. Harley Quintero says:

    All the other MMA fighters wish they where sponsored by Monster. The best
    that the UFC guys have ever had is just Xyence lol i see that shit at the
    dollar tree. 

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