16 comments on “Bellator MMA: Rampage vs. King Mo May 17 on Pay Per View”

  1. gotbletu says:

    Well this made more sense then Rampage vs Tito; lols #WolfTickets

  2. Mattizhhhh says:

    Rampage is a good fighter but so is King Mo haha dont think Rampage should
    talk so much smack but then again thats kinda hes trade mark :P

  3. childraper says:

    Did he talk more smack than Rashad?

  4. BlueFacondor says:

    LOL someone needs to “sponsor the soles of his feet”. Golden.

  5. Trolls4daLols says:

    “Third and final fight”

  6. Steven Sikora says:

    This is such a joke… 2 washed up fighters in a staged rivalry on a PPV!?
    Bellator needs to stop garbage like this if they want to go anywhere. 

  7. Anthony Baker says:


  8. eido odie says:

    what about tito 

  9. iamalex4life says:

    Both from Memphis

  10. unclebusterbrown says:

    That whole in cage thing was staged!!!! They admitted to it being
    staged!!!! Why are they now trying to pass it off as genuine? BTW Tito is
    gonna be pissed that he was left out if the promo for the Pay Per View ad

  11. gingermagicman says:

    “Nobody told me he was coming in the cage”

    Bullshit, it was staged.

  12. Ivan Reyes says:

    Fuck fagpage

  13. Daniel Dragovic says:

    I’m predicting Rampage by a 1st rd KO. Queen Mo’s chin is too sensitive for
    Rampage. One decent punch from Rampage and Queen Mo is out before he hits
    the ground. MARK MY F****** WORDS MOTHER*******!!!!!.

  14. MegaMazury says:

    Two funny monkeys on the stage

  15. SuperRonnieJ1183 says:

    Selling wolf tickets to a wrestlefucking snoozefest in a 2nd rate

  16. Joshua Wilson says:

    Shits setup lmao

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