25 comments on “Bellator MMA: Rampage vs Tito Ortiz Fight Announcement!”

  1. ben manning says:

    feels like wwe..

  2. bricrx says:

    i wanna see this fight…

  3. fortyozdog says:

    wouldnt be suprised if this looks or is fixed.

  4. Taliesin Lyghtmare says:

    I hope Bellator becomes legit competition for the UFC. I don’t care about brands, I care about fights. Then maybe the UFC will pay their fighters better.

  5. Taliesin Lyghtmare says:

    Everyone keeps bringing up rampages 3 fight losing streak… Did he lose to a bunch of chumps? No. Jones is the pfp best in the world, Glover is a top 5 lhw atm, and Bader is respectable (not the best, but a good fighter and rampage was hurt that fight). Neither him nor Tito were cut from the UFC, they left. They are not in their prime anymore but they are living legends.

  6. Joseph Doherty says:

    wow the crowd noise when tito entered was amazing…umm was there crowd noise? Was there a crowd?

  7. 1kamp1 says:


  8. Vlad Khudyshkin says:


  9. glensart734 says:

    Wow, i cant be the only person who noticed they found a joe rogan look alike and sound alike to be ring anouncer,,,,,,THERE IS ALOT OF LMAO’ S floating around!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

  10. darren keys says:

    Looks more like a wwe promo

  11. mmabuff101 says:

    3:15 LMAO the fights gonna happen here in the UFC………uhhhh, i mean bellator. my bad

  12. mattitudev1hardy says:

    THIS IS AWFUL! lmao wow just that killed it all

  13. xParkway90x says:

    If this fight was made in the UFC everyone would be saying the same thing. Tito Ortiz (a guy who’s 1-6 and a 3 fight losing streak) against Rampage (a guy who who’s also on a 3 fight losing streak). Not to mention they both looked like shit in their last fight in the UFC.

  14. ramrod20042000 says:

    Bellator strung Roy Jones along(he thought he had a fight..lol) Tito and Rampage are passed their primes. Tito is a GnP Wrestler and Rampage is a Boxer. Can Tito get Rampage down?

  15. 340kato says:

    im i watching tna or mma or wwe this shit was corny

  16. me5o says:

    Oh Jesus, this was embarrassing.

  17. xno4 says:

    if this fight was made in ufc everyone would be going ape shit crazy but since its in bellator ur just going to hear ufc castoffs even they both left on their will

  18. Joka nation says:

    So Tito is fighting this fight for the fans? nothing to do with the paycheck he’s getting? Lots of respect for Rampage but absolutely zero for Ortiz, just always came across to me as extremely fake and insincere. He always talks about being a man and a warrior but constantly whines and makes excuses for losing!

  19. fatoilet says:

    Bellator is the ufc retirement home and trash collector lol

  20. Russel Niere says:

    Mosh by Eminem

  21. craigroyllew says:

    bellator sucks.enough said.ufc cast offs thats all they have

  22. antek1021 says:

    Tito song???

  23. Mangelriosdeleon says:

    Ill be entertained by this fight kudos to bellator for trying its funny how ortiz came out to a so so crowd lol anyways fight should be good tito should put up a good fight for rampage

  24. John Jason Chun says:

    Nov2 on my Android! Yeee Haaa! Huntington Beach Ca vs. Irvine Ca.

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