25 comments on “Bellator MMA Releases Matt Riddle and GSP’s Hiatus on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. 4g63mark says:

    I’m usually very critical of these 3 guys. But this time I have to applaud
    this video. It’s none of our damn business what goes on with this guy in
    his personal life. If George wants to walk away, let him walk away. He
    doesn’t know anybody anything. Especially the UFC. George has made them so
    much money its ridiculous

  2. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Ramdeen and Robin are crazy biased. & Robin hopes GSP takes another 10
    months off? Fuck that just retire he is only getting older and more likely
    to get put out.

  3. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    GSP is so inactive its not funny,

    He fought 2 times this year, once last year, and once the year before. If
    he wants to retire then go ahead, but you can’t make Johnny wait after he
    just beat him.

  4. david maltais says:

    this show is one of the only show that says the truth about the ufc and
    dana white, other shows are scared of being boycott by the ufc like they
    did to some journalist that critisized them, or not to be allowed to
    interview ufc stars… Its the only not biased show…

  5. Robin Black says:

    Followed up with 2 different judges (that were not working) this week on
    GSP vs HNDRCKS. One gave round one to Georges, one gave it to Johny. I’m
    going to bring pro Judge and COMMAND trainer Jerin Valel on 5 Rounds on
    Monday to discuss, and I’m going to watch it again after we shoot today’s
    chat. Thanks for the feedback both good and bad.

  6. Nathan Connolly says:

    what the fuck is fighting turning into seriously…… people need to know
    whats wrong with his dad or his woman ???? if i was him id say you pay me
    to fight !!! if you wane hear about my personal problems pay me more !!!

  7. rahowhero says:

    more hours in the ring, doesnt necessarily mean more fight camps, it could
    mean you are a boring point fighter, whom goes 5 rounds each time. the
    number of fights, surely, is the only indicator of fight camp numbers 

  8. Alex Phiefer says:

    +Bobby Cullari You are a fucking idiot, no one is ‘addicted” to pot you
    stupid fucking old geezer, cant wait till you old fucks die off so this
    shits legal, go watch reefer madness faggot.

  9. windsor laser says:

    Hendricks vs Lawlor for the vacated title. Should GSP decide to return in
    the future, let him fight whoever is the champ at that time. If GSP wants
    to retire, let him retire… but because he his the UFC PPV golden boy, I’m
    sure the UFC is not gonna let GSP retire easily.

  10. Bobby Cullari says:

    Matt Riddle has traded in his MMA potential for dope toking.
    That’s the problem with drug abuse. It sucks away a guy’s ambition to
    become the best version of himself.
    This is typical behavior of an addict, and sooner or later, people give up
    on you.
    Adios Matt Riddle; enjoy toking your dope and flipping burgers.

  11. armytaskforce11x says:

    GSP is planing for an alien invasion and wants to finnish building his
    underground bunker fort and needs to prepare him self for aliens in france

  12. jeff pope says:

    yes cause weed is so bad. its retarded people get suspended for smoking

  13. Igor Podrug says:

    hahah riddle

  14. rsalaz says:

    Bullshit when it comes to decision they count kicks n strikes landed , gsp
    won no doubt so suck Hendrik’s balls hairs haha peace

  15. David Pickles says:

    Stop talking about mat riddle he was never that good

  16. Javier Uni Rodriguez says:

    Shut the hell up if Dana White says to do it you do it

  17. burlhorse89 says:

    Matt Riddle is a cunt

  18. prettyrickyfromva says:

    Awesome show guys

  19. therealmo says:

    Carmont should not be top 10. He lost to Tom Lawlor and Larkin

  20. Ch Rage says:

    The UFC has to sort something out. I love the UFC as it is but I have to
    accept that changes have to be made.

  21. Ed A says:

    GSP doesn’t owe anybody, anything.

  22. Ivan Valverde says:

    GSP is probabily coming out of the closet, he always did seem a lil gay

  23. jigz h says:

    Hahaha can’t wait to see who Matt Riddle blames now

  24. david maltais says:

    love your show!!!

  25. Andrew Brundin says:

    He better fight before August! Fuck that shit

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