10 comments on “Bellator MMA: Season 10 Premiere Preview – Light Heavyweight Tournament”

  1. childraper says:

    Rampage is always the only fighter talking in their promos.

  2. Alexandre J. says:

    Rampage? Whatever…
    There’s a bunch of other really cool fighters

  3. Arturo Stacey says:

    So much better than Cormier vs. fucking Cummins, so pumped for a potential
    Rampage vs. King Mo

  4. reynel fuertes says:

    Awkward voice

  5. SammyBoyy300 says:

    Looks better then the shit UFC has been serving lately

  6. ChrisDanceMusic says:

    I like bellator but their promos always sound cheesy

  7. Jon Ventura says:

    What a cheesy voice

  8. Harold Blackville G says:

    in my eyes, bellator is shitter than ufc this days

  9. Harold Blackville G says:


  10. Сергей Ионов says:

    Михаил Заяц ЛУЧШИЙ!!!!!!

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