12 comments on “Bellator MMA: The Ultimate Grudge Match: Rampage Jackson vs. King Mo May 17th on PPV”

  1. TheAntManChannel says:

    Talkin’ all kinds of good.

  2. Grim Reaper says:

    Rampage by Split Dec.
    Chandler by KO
    Shlemenko by TKO

  3. Wavy Crocket says:

    Its only $35 for HD! Come on guys dont be so cheap. Help out the sport of
    MMA and help out Bellator seeing how this is their 1st PPV. Go to UFC.com
    and look at the fight card on their PPV schedule, ITS TERRIBLE! You want to
    pay $59.99 for Barao and Dillashaw? LMAO get the fuck out of here! $35 HD
    for this is a STEAL! Plus Lets show loud mouth Dana White some numbers!
    What I dont understand is… How the hell does Manny Paqiauo get 20 million
    bucks guaranteed + PPV revenues from 800k PPV buys while Anderson Silva
    does those same PPV numbers and HE DOESNT GET ANYWHERE NEAR THAT! Same goes

  4. magnoid says:

    someone needs to sponsor the soles of his feet, lol

  5. Bash eleven says:

    This Fight gonna suck

  6. junglisttt says:

    You really shouldnt use the word “ultimate” in your adverts. Looks kinda
    silly. Not that your not entitled to use that word because youre not UFC,
    but i wouldnt have done it. Just saying

  7. matt downs says:

    Go Rampage!!! Awooooo!!!

  8. Teh1337geek says:

    This fight isn’t even in Memphis….

  9. donald bell jr. says:

    Rampage, do this s–t! I know you’ve been in the game for a while, but I
    believe u are one of the best. Now that you’ve had surgery on your knees, I
    think u ready for your rematch with JonJones! I mean who tha f–k is king
    no anyway?! Notice I didn’t capitalize that!

  10. WWEMMA32 says:

    Rampage by KO

  11. enesog says:

    People, please buy this PPV. Just to see Dana’s face after he sees the
    numbers of PPV and to laugh at him hahah lol.

  12. jiahkong96 says:

    Man only if Alvarez wasn’t injured, the fight card would of been better

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