25 comments on “Bellator MMA: Tito Ortiz vs. Alexander Shlemenko LIVE May 17th on Pay Per View”

  1. durkle805 says:

    Bellator has the worst translations ever. FUCK YOU FOR TRYING TO TURN EVERY
    FOREIGN FIGHTER INTO A DOUCHE THAT “has their country in their heart and
    always fights for them”..

  2. TheAntManChannel says:

    Tito by decision.

  3. Kevin Hall says:

    i would bet money that Shlemenko will win this fight, but I’ll bet even
    more money that Tito will back out a week before the fight

  4. LossesCostUs says:

    Ortiz will throw Shlemenko around for a bit but then he’ll get hit with
    strikes to the head and body. Then it’ll go downhill from there

  5. Petro G says:

    What a shame!!! Tito Ortiz disgraced himself, his parents and MMA by
    marriage with a prostitute jenna jameson. Now he has the only one right –
    to fight in a cheap porno movies.

  6. PHARAOH WANKA says:

    im not holding my breath for this fight. no disrespect to tito i just know
    his history 

  7. Luddmeister says:

    Shlemenko will win via body strike. Either knee, punch or kick tito is
    going down anyway. Tito really can’t take bodyshots. Even tho he said on
    Fight Science that he does 500 situps a day.
    Machida dropped him with one, Lil nog finished him with it, and so did
    Unless shlemenko doesn’t get caught in a submission early in the fight tito
    is going down. And that is coming from one of the few remaining tito fans. 

  8. Based God says:


  9. TheKlingonFarmer says:

    Tito will injure his neck during weigh-ins.

  10. Dee James says:

    Tito my boy!

  11. Kevin Hall says:

    this is the worst matchup for Tito since Jenna Jameson

  12. Grim Reaper says:

    tito is done. its given match for russian guy to hype

  13. Russian Patriot says:

    Alexander Shlemenko Чемпион!

  14. Ivan Reyes says:

    SHLEMKO tko titos to slow

  15. threap123 says:

    Tito is hilarious he’s never beat anybody great

  16. Mike Jones says:

    I would never pay PPV to watch this old fuck fight…. Fuck you Titto, fuck
    you Titto, fuck you Titto

  17. Jacob Wu says:

    nice promo!

  18. juan twotree says:

    Cant wait to see Shlemenko beat the mess out of Tito. 

  19. Josh Wood says:

    Tito will get crushed, he should of retired years ago

  20. IndigoXYZ18 says:

    Get ’em Tito.

  21. Harry WH says:

    Tito’s going down! 

  22. SuperRampage1994 says:

    Tito and Alex great )

  23. sxscmert says:

    Шторм должен победить.

  24. CJ Sellers says:

    1 fight WILL NOT prove anything. Tito is a broken-down has-been who thinks
    that this fight will make him the greatest of all time… 

  25. Ricardo Mendez says:

    tito doesnt even believe what he’s saying! 

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