10 comments on “Bellator MMA: Uncut – Every Tuesday on YouTube”

  1. JPW328 says:

    AWESOME! I can’t wait!!! Please make them 5min +

  2. Luis Quinones says:

    ahh shut up people.
    i like bellator more, the fights are more exciting

  3. Jay Sin says:

    You guys get all of UFC’s sloppy seconds lol

  4. Jay Sin says:

    lol. Keep trying to be UFC and see how far you fall

  5. Shirebury says:

    shogun tapped to strikes

  6. Christopher Conte says:

    No shit but its a clear copy of the UFC but its ok cause the UFC copies WWE and boxing and boxing copies UFC and everyone copies ideas that work. Nothing is really original these days anyway. If something is a good idea and works like a 24/7 you do UFC Primetime or SHowtimes version of it.

  7. extvMMA says:

    behind the scenes of the event and fights are not patented by the UFC you toolbox

  8. tony montana says:

    ufc the only people who can do vlogs?

  9. pyro6904 says:


  10. DezGSRD says:

    where is dana white

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