8 comments on “Bellator MMA: Virtual Sitdown with Storm Shlemenko”

  1. TheLastFraudster says:

    A storm is coming!! Can’t wait for this one.

  2. Mercedes Terrell says:

    This is gonna be a good one!

  3. Александр Геращенко says:

    Sanya “Do not look behind” Manhoef. Good luck, Krasnoyarsk with you!

  4. epathebay says:

    Gotta love The Storm

  5. mazur289 says:

    Good Luck, Sasha!

  6. FightingSpirit says:

    Much respect for this man because of his 50 fights but he Looks like he got
    punched in the face too many times

  7. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

    *Bellator MMA: Virtual Sitdown with Storm Shlemenko*

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