24 comments on “Bellator Pre-Fight Presser: Rampage Jackson vs Tito Ortiz (LIVE! / complete + unedited)”

  1. PetarEllis says:

    I really want Chandler vs Alvarez 2 on this card.

  2. The666thebat says:

    I like this video just because . I hate Dana white .

  3. 84bobert says:

    I don’t think rampage is a hasbin I think they gave him to many wrestlers is getting older though

  4. Gallows tree13 says:

    then why does anderson do good,hendo,even the hippo ko,ed vinny this weekend

  5. chrisAITN says:

    Tito Ortiz says “I” more times within an hour than an optometrist says “eye” their entire life.

  6. Gallows tree13 says:

    for a kid like him,rampage thinking i aint that old
    needs to be free.to early with the ppv

  7. MASTERPLB5 says:

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  8. Dey Fresco says:

    I like their approach to title fights and everything but UFC has just gotten huge around the world! At the end of the day Ufc is the pennicle of MMA

  9. Roman Duran says:

    I really eanted to give bellator a chance but i cant take them seriously with them 2 headlining the card. In the ufc title fights always headline.

  10. deemorris9000 says:

    Actually now that I think about, Glover Texiera didn’t look THAT sharp against Rampage on that Fox card. Realistically he should’ve finished Rampage. That shows me Jackson has something left in the tank.

  11. deemorris9000 says:

    I can’t believe Bader lost to that guy. He’d be top 5 right now if he didn’t lose that fight lol.

  12. TriggaTrueSongz says:

    Lol, Tito is so unlikeable.

  13. jimhov says:

    Im 13 minutes into it and im sleepy

  14. ilovejr4308 says:

    If people pay for this on ppv u just got robbed. Mma is a youngmans sport

  15. youngderek415 says:

    The only reason im watching this is cause of tito-rampage

  16. Dey Fresco says:

    Such backstabbers all the shit talk about the ufc ufc did so much for them and that’s exactly why Dana didn’t give his ass a job in the ufc Snake

  17. ripsnorter419 says:

    oops sorry i thought i read rampage.. but on that i don’t think rampage can ko him anymore

  18. Dey Fresco says:

    He is licking so much cock

  19. ripsnorter419 says:

    lol you must be a little young… watch his vanderlei fights in pride

  20. ManNamedMachine says:

    I remember this fight, 2006 was a good year. Oh wait…

  21. Moises Campos says:

    It’s funny how the top fighters want to fight in the UFC and the washed up fighters want to fight for Bellator. Makes you wonder….

  22. GanjaEHonda says:

    Tito’s starting to look like Mr. Potato head
    this might be the first fight he gets Kock’ed out Cold

  23. OutTheDoor23 says:

    i’ll buy it but only if it’s 39.99 and if michael chandler fights on that card

  24. Verloc Conrad says:

    How the fuck is TNA good for the Tito ‘brand’!? Is it ’cause we fans in the MMA community all hate him? Is Tito still managing Cyborg with all these deals with Viacom? (TELL ME YOUTUBE!)

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