12 comments on “Ben Askren Gets Cut OFF in an Interview Inside MMA”

  1. Smokey Kush says:

    bellator sucks

  2. xerazia says:

    The fact that they cut him off pretty much confirms everything he is
    saying. Monopoly.

  3. Boris Lebediinskiy says:

    this show turned to shit and to think i used to like it when it first came
    out wtf is this? 

  4. Hizzer Edits says:

    That’s fucking illegal

  5. thericate says:

    reptilian ufc shill

  6. Snolla 1988 says:

    I felt like Bas agreed with Ben, but he looked more interested in keeping
    his job on the show. 

  7. stfuyougotktfo says:

    UFC was an inside job. Area 51, WTC, building 7. Dana was behind it all.

  8. muaar says:

    hilarious video 

  9. MrCurlBro says:

    Bellator gaining ground on UFC?? They are basically turning into TNA V2.
    With that stupid shit they pulled last night with Ortiz and Bonnar. Fuck
    off Askren

  10. Bann Truth says:

    chael was right about this little bitch

  11. haitianxu says:

    Always knew Kenny Rice is a cocksucking faggot.

  12. muaar says:

    @0:30 wtf i didnt know i was related to kenny

    ‘by god ill tell ya’ 

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