11 comments on “Best Body Shots in MMA”

  1. cratica says:

    Cool video of some awesome body shots. If you guys want to play a pure strategy MMA game on Facebook, check this one out. Search for MMA Fight Club on Facebook. or… apps.facebook.com/mmafightclub­/

  2. barriodeloco1 says:

    Interesting Benson Henderson and the guy in the 1st fight shown in the video have the same tattoo , well it looks the same .

  3. Lyotodossantos says:

    Now that is a good shout. Diaz has had a lot of great body shots.

  4. Majid Hussain says:

    Nick Diaz body shot to Frank Shamrock – Strikeforce

  5. Lyotodossantos says:

    Just mute it, would be much easier haha. Or if you can download it and change the audio. Would prefer if you didn’t download it though 😉

  6. Dennis Hall says:

    Is there a “No music” version of this that I can share with my students? Explicit lyrics don’t really sit well with the parents.

  7. Lyotodossantos says:

    Problem Solver - Vinnie Paz ft. Scarface.

  8. etienneburt says:

    Bj Penn is a tough dude took plenty of body shots looks like he’s gonna give up or drop then obviously thinks no way n straightens up…legend

  9. palaina1000 says:

    Mirko Cro Cop…. King of body shots!!!!

  10. Lyotodossantos says:

    Would recommend watching this in HD!

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