25 comments on “Best Female MMA Knockouts 2013/2014”

  1. oldgar9 says:

    why no footage of Rousy?

  2. El Vato Loco says:

    Holy shit #2 dropped her like a $5 ho! LoL!

  3. Top10MetalSongs says:

    #8 what was that other girl doing? Looked like a dog trying to swim. That’s
    not fighting.

  4. Chavez says:

    #2 was EASILY the best, #1 was still conscious

  5. Justin Richards says:

    Dat kick doe! 5:29

  6. FilipPejic Videos says:

    Holly Holm is the woman Cro Cop :)!

  7. Pokebreaker says:

    MY GOD, #2 got kicked so hard, I felt it! Sounded like she got shot.

  8. MMA VIDEOS says:

    This girl from 10th will probably give up from MMA

  9. bearone7777 says:

    You did not even show Ronda Rousey’s KO?? What happened—I KNOW IT

  10. tgshort1962 says:

    Would have made #2 the #1 it was easily the best one

  11. marcusdus dschipr says:

    the last two are brutal

  12. SuperSw21 says:

    Enter The Matrix (AKA) Greatest KO of all time.

  13. Pigeon says:

    8 was the stupidest fight I think I’ve ever seen, they can’t even punch

  14. BigBoss luki says:

    4:23 Not a ladylike position

  15. DieHarderAgain says:

    Fine line between knockout and knockdown

  16. john casey says:

    Some perfect examples of okay MMA fighters being put in the ring with women
    who shouldnt be anywhere near the ring. That is why the knockouts look epic
    – because their opponent was at such a poor standard

  17. alliesunshine1 says:

    Holly Holm didn’t look like a world champion kickboxer when she fought
    Raquel Pennington in the UFC. But good knockouts here.

  18. dancingtoelectro says:

    that third clip wasn’t mma it was just two girls having a cat fight.
    horrible technique

  19. ThaElite18 says:

    #8 seems like a high school fight, wtf? Lol technicality went straight out
    the window.

  20. Chris Catalano says:

    This is a terrible montage of knockouts and one of the best knockouts on
    this reel gets skipped.

  21. Bruno Diaz says:

    #2Should be 1 It pop like a champagne bottle 

  22. Shachar William Soreq says:

    Wait, but.. where are the women?

  23. John D says:

    The first video…..where the hell do they get those refs? Dude was like
    seventeen lol

  24. One Only says:

    Beautiful ladies.
    I love the high kicks.
    That’s the way ladies should fight.

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