25 comments on “Best of The MMA Hour with Royce Gracie, Rampage Jackson and more”

  1. alpinestars117 says:

    @joe schmoe make some sense before you babble non-sense you dumb monkey.

  2. Joe Schmoe says:

    who da fuck posts a 4 hour video ima kill everybody ehre leggo bitch the people in this video need to get educated stupid pussy ass gooks

  3. RollinOnPups says:

    I haven’t laughed that hard at a Youtube video in a long time. Those impressions were hilarious. Thank you Ariel.

  4. preachinshawn says:

    ‘Effin delicious’

  5. lalgerino91 says:

    overeem was so funny

  6. Gabby Cliffington says:

    Why is Helwani talking to his viewers like they’re dumb in the beginning?

  7. thatswenyalost says:

    rampage knows the deal

  8. 88TheHeat88 says:

    Pouya Rebek is funny as hell! ^^


    Four hours? No problem.

  10. MatParkdush says:

    lol, AMERICANs -_-

  11. Paul Fa'atu'uala says:

    Gracie changed everything

  12. Paul Fa'atu'uala says:

    Forrest did more then gracie GTFO

  13. ategra90 says:

    Should be subtitles for Gracie interview…

  14. Bartek Zubkiewicz says:

    Isaac, put the music on!!!

  15. rossvegas7 says:

    Im gonna miss forest so much. Did more for the ufc than gracie???…..

  16. rossvegas7 says:

    Rampage is the new tito ortiz of mma, carnt stand him! I used to love him now he makes me mad.

  17. normalpsychology says:

    Prebek, excuse me.

  18. normalpsychology says:

    Per elk is THE MAN!

  19. poolboyinla says:

    Disneyland is expensive and seems lame.
    I have never been there despite living in Los Angeles.

  20. Matt mensing says:

    I wish rampage fought Mitrione

  21. normalpsychology says:

    Jackson sucks. So glad he’s out of the UFC, finally.

  22. Matthew Crosby says:

    Lost my shit on Kingsbury’s toilet story.

  23. mesmorized says:

    Rampage’s fighting style seems very non-threatening.

  24. TheVosh says:

    Dates of each footage would have been nice, but either way thank you for the highlights. More like this on days off would be also thanked!

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