25 comments on “‘Bigfoot’ Silva Shocks MMA World, KO’s Overeem”

  1. TheDonkeyFLOPPER says:

    Cain would have murdered overeem
    Cain is number 1 by a mile
    Feed overeem to jds now! Let jds rip him apart

  2. prime bot says:

    bigfoot vs jds if silva EVER WANTS A SHOT AT THE TITLE

  3. Frank Doberman says:

    GSP: Overeem i was not impressed by your performance, and you think you can beat the tough JDS , you are a joke”

  4. DANIEL777ISRAEL says:

    fluent english is my second language after portuguese… but is way more difficult to listen  than speak…

  5. DieselRaja says:

    Bigfoot vs Mark Hunt

  6. DragonOfQin says:

    Overeem won K-1 in 2010 because Remy and Badr weren’t present. LOL!

  7. ThankYawFuckYaw says:

    me too but he was exposed forreal..

  8. ThankYawFuckYaw says:

    you didnt sound like a smartass

  9. Harold Robles says:

    Happens to a lot of people that learn a knew language. He might have trouble processing what hes saying at the speed hes speaking it, but can take time into his own train of thought and speak English. Dont mean to sound like a smart ass,just thought i could help out.

  10. TheAntManChannel says:

    @Robert Emanuel UFC was already saying Gonzaga somehow.. Is the number one contender, Bigfoott has had advantages in his last two fights. Browne injuried himself during the fight, Overeem was in la la land thinking he was so amazing he couldn’t lose. Good test for him if they fought.

  11. GroveBeatz says:

    How does he speak English but not understand it?

  12. shinsama3333 says:

    Yes I think. Its just.. everyone keeps saying ” he didn’t respect him” or “he gassed”. I didn’t see the abnormal gassing. I just saw him getting caught.

  13. weejohn15 says:

    As much as i like Bigfoot, i really wanted Overeem to win just to see him fight against Cain

  14. Independentlyfair says:

    Ya think?

  15. Independentlyfair says:

    It’s not Karma it’s more Steroids not in your system. You’re sorta shit without them and why half of Reems career is B.S. including his “illustrious” lol K-1 career. Lol… Please nigro please

  16. Independentlyfair says:

    Made 1600 bucks last night on Big Foot. Fightersc oming off a significant steroid suspension always lose there’s never been one winner at this level ever going back to 2005 when Phil Baroni got tapped out coming off his UFC suspension. Education folks. Read up on stats and fighters and trends. Roiders ALWAYS lose once the roids are out of their system. Nice doing business with you Overooid. Your REAL self was left in Pride when Chuck LIddell KTFO of you in 2004

  17. Independentlyfair says:

    Him beating Fedor wasn’t enough for you huh?

  18. Independentlyfair says:

    Umm. It’s only a shock to people that train with Steroids.

  19. Born2Punch says:

    jds vs reem u retard

  20. Robert Emanuel says:

    Ugliest fight in UFC history.

  21. devo229 says:

    Reem KTFO, I’m starting to believe in karma

  22. shinsama3333 says:

    My Opinnion…. Overeem was faking like he was confident, he knew juiceless, he was screwed. His power seemed to not be there either. Clean knees and nothing he even seemed shocked. Everyone was like “he gassed” but hes obviously off whatever he was on.

  23. canadianmonkiii says:

    straaataaj = strategy loool 

  24. keeyk118b says:

    Overeem underestimated silva and paid the price..

  25. Prince Jasper says:

    bigfoot vs jds

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