24 comments on “Biggest Ref Mistakes in MMA – Late Stoppages”

  1. Carlos El Chapo Ramos says:

    Fucking referees fuck them all stupid ass fucking people

  2. AnonimowyHejterzyna says:

    co za pojebani sędziowie

  3. Christopher lam says:

    I like MMA but punching people while he is on the ground I don’t like this. This isn’t martial art! I know it would look like in a real life situation but frankly hitting the opponent on the ground may cause serious damage!

  4. Steve Weitzner says:

    Kim Winslow sucks as a mma ref. 

  5. sheila ross says:

    Stop the fight!

  6. jcarrasco828 says:

    Wheres my shoes some one is ganna get there ass kicked

  7. madness252601 says:

    This video pissed me off

  8. falloutrangerlol says:

    Some of these referees are dicks

  9. chryser99 says:

    Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap come on !!!!!!

  10. king21445 says:

    Fucking retarded ass referees I bet they paid the the ref to let them humilliate them except the fighters that got mad at the reffs for that bullshit

  11. Yusuf Hanif says:

    Stupid pussy ref at the end fucking cunt

  12. wolfkilla1079 says:


  13. Priscila Guevara says:

    Wtf! That last Guy was tapping and the dumbass ref didn’t stop the fight! Wtf!

  14. TheMontageKing says:

    mine, the original got taken down because of copyright.

  15. KnocKOut2828 says:

    Is this someone else’s video or yours? I’ve seen this a while ago.

  16. parkermma85 says:

    Good videos

  17. Anthony Panoy says:


  18. PabiousLeGrande says:

    No your a towel

  19. KoolGNasBlackThought says:

    oh shit sorry, didnt realize that

  20. greatwhiteTKD says:

    Shit he taps like 20 times

  21. TheSphinxEdits says:

    And people blame video game violence….

  22. Videos4UMxli says:

    waiting for part 2, thanks for the video.

  23. TheMontageKing says:

    I made this video, the full version got taken down though. So now im uploading it again in smaller chunks.

  24. KoolGNasBlackThought says:

    You stole this vid didn’t you…. Wow lol

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