16 comments on “Biogenesis Drug Scandal Could Include MMA; UFC President Dana White Weighs In”

  1. HorseWaterDrink says:

    media jock sniffing ass hats

  2. Brian Anon says:

    Yup, Lorenzo too

  3. Afflictionzv1 says:

    That’s ego.

  4. PolAndDazShow says:

    I am matt mitriones bacon sandwhich

  5. toddybottoms says:

    Dana loves the drugs. Look at him and listen to his voice. Full grown men don’t go through puberty. Since the beginning of the UFC and TUF, little Dana has.

  6. HellbringerUK says:

    He certainly looks like a man playing the dumb card.

  7. HellbringerUK says:

    Pride was full of drug cheats, little or no testing, painkillers and steroids the norm. Now we’re led to believe the UFC is somehow drug free. Only an idiot believes that these fighters perform drug free. Theres no test for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) how do we know who is or isn’t taking it. I’m betting like in most sports the stars will be safe while the lesser fighters get caught as always happens or the stars that do get caught it will be explained away like Overeem etc. Its all a sham.

  8. GivenQuality4Life says:

    Dana is gonna play dumb until he is forced to admit he allows & welcomes cheating

  9. Shirebury says:

    Overeem gonna be mentioned.

    Also, shogun tapped to strikes

  10. fawn knudsen says:

    I want Jay Cutler to win this year.

  11. fawn knudsen says:

    Your mother is a whore.

  12. fawn knudsen says:

    It’s okay in the NFL: bigger stage, bigger lights, more grotesque violence…60,000 people in the stands screaming for it like a rock concert.

    But it’s foo-foo in MLB and the UFC. Check.

  13. p2sk8ers11 says:

    i like watching people fight ;D

  14. Arjan Meijer says:

    Its so funny that al the regular atlethes getting into trouble for using steroids, and the whole bodybuilding scene is laughing their testosterone asses of. There is no true testing at the mr. olympia and nobody gets into any trouble there.

  15. FlakJacket86 says:

    these reporters dont know jack shit

  16. mhofi says:

    First, bitches

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