24 comments on “BJJ Scout: Ronda Rousey Takedown Study – Judo in MMA”

  1. choppingmall says:

    Love these breakdowns, keep it up !

  2. BJJSCOUT says:

    thanks! not too keen to do Miyaos as there is so much good stuff on them out there, I don’t have much to add…

  3. BJJSCOUT says:

    great! I have been trying to improve on the text breaks

  4. BJJSCOUT says:

    yea Sara McMann would be good, but then even if you could take her down, there is still the armbar issue. Even in the clinch, after looking at Cyborg/Conen II(right handed wrestler vs left handed head tie), I think Cyborg would have hard time winning any take downs and probably get kouchi-ed/ouchi-ed. Cyborg mainly circled to the back using brute force and suplexed Conen, a tactic which I don’t think is effective vs Ronda who has too many counters

  5. BJJSCOUT says:

    yep somehow she always recovers from that bad position though. And off her back she has sunk armbars so it does seems a tough proposition

  6. clerksman says:

    Good Jiu Jitsu will beat Rhonda, she gives her back too easily and is limited in her attacks. Still, she tough and always comes to fight, can’t take that away from her!

  7. Steve Hole says:

    Brilliant video! Only hang up is that Rousey is in fact left handed and not right. Not exactly a massive deal, but I’d just thought I’d point it out

  8. joeymoneymo says:

    as far as beating Ronda goes, it will take a technical striker with good lateral movement/circling. Keep her at bay. Another possibility would be someone to push her back and maybe shoot. Would be interesting to see Sara McMann try to use her wrestling against Ronda

  9. joeymoneymo says:

    this was the best analysis in terms of video editing. everything is well timed and not too fast for me as a viewer. thank you for making these videos

  10. Luis Figueroa says:

    Marcelo Garcia study, please.

  11. negao azul says:

    The best MMA fithter analyse on youtube now.

  12. dashady187 says:

    I friggen love this channel! Thank you.

  13. Ralph Folarin says:

    Nothing can stop her! She trains wrestling along with her judo game plan at the Wrestling gym that linked to hayastan. Forgot what’s it called but theres video of her wrestling.

  14. Justin Toth says:

    Seconding a Miyao study!

  15. 1qas23 says:

    Thanks! Another gem!

  16. Lionel T says:

    Bro.. Another great one..

  17. rusty1043 says:

    Another awesome breakdown, your videos are becoming my new favorite bjj related on youtube….would love to see a Miyao study! Thanks again

  18. jojox3rxql says:

    One of THE BEST bjj channels on youtube! Keep the awesome videos coming, osss

  19. oinos90292 says:

    great analysis! thanks!

  20. beeatoms says:

    another quality vid! nicely done

  21. japanesezombiepope says:

    good job

  22. ProtectYourNeck666 says:

    Your videos are fucking awesome! Keep em coming!!

  23. Suxandroc says:


  24. cksitoph94 says:

    I’ve been hoping to see something like this for a while..Thanks for the upload!

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