25 comments on “Bjorn Rebney Responds to Dana White on Inside MMA”

  1. 5150madawg says:

    who cares about bellator you should watch WSOF there a way better promotion

  2. jason dibelius says:

    Anyone know when the next Bellator event is going to be?

    You’d figure with Viacom backing them, they’d be better at that.

  3. sultanofmultan2012 says:

    there will never be another Joe Rogan #deadsquad

  4. Relly Morelli says:

    He never really denied that they sue their fighters or that it is
    impossible to get out of their contracts…. unless you’re Ben Askren. Also
    the one thing the UFC has over them is if a fighter wants to leave, they
    let them leave. Ex. Quinton Jackson, Tito, Sylvia and Monson. 

  5. Anuz urjy says:

    i just want good fights !!! No drama

  6. okdg says:

    He did fuck up eddies career, he wanted to be in the UFC with the best in
    the world. The UFC will match Melendez’s deal and he will stay in the UFC,
    Dana said he is going out to see what he is worth. 

  7. Crazea says:

    Competition for the UFC is good. Until the fighters get a union started,
    competition from other promotions is the next best thing in helping to get
    better pay, benefits etc.

  8. Jolly Ranchers says:

    B. Has its fighters on cups at Carl’s Jr. I’ve heard people tell me they
    also say them on Taco bell. UFC doesn’t do that. It might not be much be at
    least we see them promoting themselves on such a big fast-food place.

  9. JonJonesP4PKing says:


  10. Silky Johnson says:

    We need a new mma org to create competition. Pride was the best we’ve seen,
    the whole reason ufc had to create homegrown fighters from a stupid reality

  11. TheMan says:

    Bellator is an overall business which works with it’s fighters, UFC is a
    money sucking machine that milks it’s fighters. UFC claims it screwed Nate
    Quarry over because it was in debt at the time but how are you in debt when
    the owners are billionaires. Fuck UFC.

  12. Renzogmg says:

    He has a good a point 

  13. Mat Wright says:

    If your white and sick of racism and crime from immigrants check out

  14. KronaTithers says:

    Go Bellator, Knock loud mouth Dana “Don King” White of his fucking perch.

  15. antonio gonzalez says:

    this is where bellator can beat the ufc by providing better pay which will
    attract better fighters.

  16. johnj189 says:

    Is this guy trustworthy? He seems to have a lot of good answers about
    supporting fighters, especially compared to Dana White’s recent rampages. 

  17. Damian Engoring says:

    I like what he’s doing, still hate the guy haha 

  18. MaNiAc GAMING says:

    Stfu u dick

  19. Michael Ahlberg says:

    Oh, Bjorn wants to play the good guy?
    Eddie Alvarez
    That is all

  20. albertgalaviz21 says:

    Ok so the fighters get 100% of their sponsor money but they cant get out of
    their contracts lol

  21. Aidan O'Shea says:

    He doesn’t take sponser tax but he’ll sue the balls off you! Sounds fair!
    Anything this guy says has to be taken with a shovel of salt! 


    i like the guy

  23. DeFy18 says:

    that is only cause viacom pays for everything. shut up

  24. weaselGRM says:

    Holly hell, Bellator is doing all the right things… 

  25. AhKillees says:

    Ufc should hire Bjorn as ufc president

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