25 comments on “Bloody Mexican Night [MMA HL] [By Derevnia]”

  1. devilemperor123 says:

    Mexican :S they are both american.

  2. AlwonDomz says:

    Not to open a can of worms, but I wonder if the people who though Nick beat
    Carlos by moving forward and pushing the pace think Sanchez did the same
    thing to Melendez? Random though

  3. Benjamin Chang says:

    no no no you idiots, melendez will win 10/10 times. melendez undoubtley
    won and for sanchez to think he won is the stupidest thing ive ever heard.
    and for those who said he looked to slow down in the 3rd it is becasue he
    prepared that way. if he prepared for a 5 round it would of been way
    differetn and he would of been trained and ready for that. melendez won
    100% a draw is the stupidest thing ive ever heard.

  4. Natalia-AJ Sanchez says:

    I think they should put Diego in a Fight night Main Event, he definitely
    would put on an exciting fight and he would thrive in the final rounds. I
    mean Luke Rockholds first two fights were main events why not the
    nightmare? Sanchez 505

  5. DJ Flean says:

    why do you guys put race into everything

  6. Dutch McQueen says:

    Where are the Mexicans?

  7. Jozeph Reyes says:

    This fight left me breathless! One of the best fights I have ever seen.
    Damn them Mexicans are crazy as f*ck!! 

  8. Derek Collins says:

    Genuinely thought Sanchez had it after that uppercut. Not many fights leave
    you that pumped! Good old fashioned brawl from start to finish. Respect to
    both of them.

  9. pitonilo vergalarga says:

    100% Mexican Bad ass stuff

  10. David Perez says:

    Bad ass shit 

  11. Kaname Tousen says:

    That was a good fight 

  12. TheHeavyMetalJunkie says:

    Sanchez always brings the best fights.
    Thank You Derevnia Derevenskiy for nicely done highlights

  13. Garry Garcia says:

    Melendez was killin him with those right hands. crazy ass fight haha

  14. Phvrvoh Phonk says:

    Honestly looking at melendez in the final round it seemed like he was
    starting to tire and wither away while diego was still coming full force,
    if it was 5 rounds who knows what could have happened

  15. Anthony Irving says:

    That was hands down the best fight I have ever seen in the UFC!

  16. Derevnia Derevenskiy says:

    Thank you very much for your words, I am very pleased to hear!

  17. FIGHT FRIDAYS says:

    Such beautiful violence 

  18. Derevnia Derevenskiy says:

    Dear friends, please folow my twitter. This is my Twitter and it is
    dedicated to my hobby – my Highlight fighters. https://twitter.com/Derevnia2

  19. Ronald Fleischhacker says:

    BJ Penn’s victory over Diego was the blue print on how to beat him, stay
    calm and bust him up with upper cuts and right hands.. he’s macho and
    tough but great fighters time him coming in and bust his face open. Penn
    whipped him easily once he timed him, Diego knew he was in for a
    beating… he should retire soon.

  20. BJ Guy says:

    Diego has an entertaining fighting style for sure. However, it’s usually
    his downfall and will ultimately give him health problems. He’s too
    predictable… Diego is all about intensity. That’s fine for getting
    yourself hyped up, but great fighters have complete control of their
    emotions. They know when to turn it on and off. I see Diego as someone who
    has to really hype himself up because he’s unsure of himself. I don’t see
    him becoming a champion. 

  21. amr shaheen says:

    i am a boxer and i love boxing but i must say this is the fight of the

  22. david young says:

    Sanchez is an animal, but Melendez is one of the best at 155, he so crisp
    and clean with his boxing, but also brawls. him and pettis would be a
    killer fight.

  23. ryan hudson says:

    Good fight not the best stann vs silva was the best

  24. matt hunt says:

    fucking awesome AMAZING!!!!

  25. stuff8390 says:

    what’s the music in this? other than tears of a hero

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