8 comments on “BoDog Fight, MMA Fight Show : J. Masvidal vs. S. Berger”

  1. blaileirene says:

    nice j masvidal.. my idol!!!

  2. prometheusjohnson says:

    masvidal vs silva

  3. Shebus says:

    They both use the same trainer, they train together

  4. Breetastic says:

    Jorge trains at ATT w/ mike brown so why would he be cornering for his oponent? im confussed

  5. arrebpuimp says:

    11:55 gay as hell.
    nice video btw

  6. laladamac says:

    dude kept hugging em!!wtf

  7. Challenger305 says:

    damn it, it’s hard to watch cause it’s so damn choppy. must be my damn comp.

  8. Robert A. says:

    nice upload

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