25 comments on “Bodybuilder Douchebag Trains for MMA”

  1. Group nah says:

    Also, I dont like Kali all that much either but why is every blue profiled
    youtube troll acting like he’s nothing? lol yeah maybe he’d get beat by a
    pro but im gonna guess he’d win in a fight with 99% of the people calling
    him weak and going on and on about technique and mobility. obviously that
    stuff is super important but unless youre really good at that stuff you
    have a pretty good chance at losing a fight with that giant (talking about
    a streetfight, not a legit MMA fight)

  2. Pyrochyde says:

    I don’t get these roid junkies that think that having huge muscles equals
    being a badass. 99 percent of these guys would get destroyed by the bottom
    tier MMA guys half their weight class.

  3. Blackhawk856 says:

    Flaws Kali has and why he will get raped in the ring/cage:
    1. Stiff as a tree
    2. Fast as a sloth
    3. Brains of a potato
    4. Technique of a white belt
    Any other flaws guys?

  4. Group nah says:

    I miss the days when these were funny. After you got more recognition you
    started trying to churn out videos every week to keep up with demand and
    for that, they are suffering in quality. Upload a video when you have
    something funny to say, not just because people want you too. Please put
    this in a hate mail video by the way, I’d love a response because it seems
    like you can’t take constructive criticism at all lol

  5. Adam Sabo says:

    A bodybuilder being trained by bodybuilders for MMA. Yea I can’t wait for
    his fight. That’s like an MMA fighter being trained by Joyce Gracie for
    water polo. I hope Dana puts him in the cage. What a fucking dipshit. Big
    country Nelson will knock this fucker out quick. 

  6. MCCOMINATOR says:

    He would be strong enough to make submitting him difficult, especially once
    he gets sweaty. I don’t see how he strikes efficiently with all that mass

  7. itsmarvinyo says:

    Kali talks shit like a heavyweight, but sadly he’d get his ass kicked by a

  8. JoePresentsWTF says:

    This idiot just can’t help himself can he

  9. Tayler Ehnes says:

    Not one trainer mentioned working on the ground game yet he is fighting in
    MMA. The first ever 5’2″ heavyweight to fight in MMA. My money is on first
    round rear naked choke by his opponent using Kali’s own leg.

  10. angxiii says:

    shoutouts to SF4

  11. Rikkerry25 says:

    Kali muscle would get murdered in the cage. He has about as much mobility
    as a mother giving berth to triplets.

  12. avolonsaberr says:

    “fade to blacker”, hahahahahaha.

  13. Demo437 says:

    Damn, I never realized how much of a roid-gut Kali had until this video. 

  14. Jake Burgeron says:

    Thanks for the upload Dave, you da best

  15. bigjew899 says:

    1:57 Boy do I feel sorry for that guy. “Because Mouthbreathing in slow
    motion is art.”

  16. infinitesimotel says:

    “Samson vs blister packaging” LOOOOOOOL

  17. Kallum Donnelly says:

    I don’t like that people are giving Kali shit and putting him down, because
    what if he reconsiders and doesn’t give fighting a try? I personally would
    love to see Kali step in the octagon and get his ass beat.

  18. MrGamer1014 says:

    i think the scrawny mma fighters are just jealous and also since all if not
    most of all mma fighters are skinny non muscular bitches the end. and the
    guy in the video is so racist its sad, I think this is just racism and not
    really mma fighters that are scrawny who are hating real muscular men.

  19. Rap Game Elon Musk says:

    Dont think he is capable of sticking a rear naked choke on to somebody, pec
    and bis too dammn bigg

  20. f hyou tuba says:

    1o times worst then his older brother :)kimbo slice:)you gonna get hurt:)

  21. Pete West says:

    As Jake the Muss once said; Too much soap dropping, not enough speed work.

  22. bjbseperd says:

    when is his first match ha ha ha

  23. Jimmie Spaargaren says:

    Kali Muscle vs Bob Sapp

    return of PRIDE Fighting Championships 2015

  24. Joseph Parrish says:

    Dat technique tho (kidding of course). Seriously, I think we can all agree
    Kali is going to die, I just hope his opponent knows who he is and makes
    him suffer or at least work for it.

  25. Tommy Favors says:

    5’9 heavyweight that can barely move his legs and has literally no martial
    arts training. R.I.P. Kali

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