5 comments on “Bomber vs. MMA (TvT) – Game 2 – Quarter-finals – WCS Global Finals 2014”

  1. Martin Dariush says:

    i wish pvp was as fun as tvt :'(

  2. Thijs Visser says:

    Where are the rest of the videos of the quarterfinals? I can’t rewatch them
    on twitch. On youtube only two games are available. And on the wcs website
    the videos don’t load. It’s sad I can’t rewatch the most anitipated games
    of the year just because I had other plans at the moment of the live

  3. ph1f1 says:

    are there vod’s of the other games and matches too?

  4. Purlictor says:

    Such amazing play by MMA in the later half of this game. Great match!

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