25 comments on “boxer kos mma star in second pro fight”

  1. ezzthemc says:

    Two different sports dude. You have to be aware of takedowns in MMA but not in boxing.

  2. manny g says:

    he didnt this guys a dumbass

  3. manny g says:

    this guy made him self look stupied lmao a ufc champion hahah lame ass foo

  4. TheJc251 says:

    This kid is a idiot saying he a best a guy who was about to fight for a UFC title it would have been on the UFC website or news and no one in the UFC has don’t this or been announced someone pleas recap

  5. TheTruthPreachers says:

    And to all the people who claim mma is “ground humping” or any ignorant shit related to it is pure dumb. Watch an mma fight?! God damn, not every one is chael sonnen or tito ortiz. Its called “MMA” for a reason.

  6. TheTruthPreachers says:

    Thank you @bigsam7264 . Im an mma fighter but i love both martial arts, and all of them in between. But its just plain stupid how a boxer says mma fighters dont have hands, dumbasses! Do they specialize in punching? A boxer doesnt have to think about getting a roundhouse upside the head! They do!

  7. bigsam7264 says:

    yea that’s true

  8. inwardheelsbleh says:

    money makes people do stupid shit.

  9. MrKZdemos says:

    They still use their fists…

  10. bigsam7264 says:

    haha yea then he shouldn’t be calling out people to fight then haha chump

  11. bigsam7264 says:

    your a fucking dumb ass go watch his fucking fights and look at his strikes he is the greatest striker besides Anderson Silva lol jon jons doesn’t have hands but he would be champ if he was a boxer right? yea your just a hater on MA and you cant handle that it’s getting bigger then boxing dipstick and dude i bet you wouldn’t get in the ring/cage with jon jones seeing how he doesn’t have hands right?

  12. inwardheelsbleh says:

    mma is retarded, gotta watch 5min rounds of hugging

  13. inwardheelsbleh says:

    jon jones doesn’t have hands dipstick, in the boxing ring he would get owned.

  14. inwardheelsbleh says:

    james toney was old and fat himself haha chump

  15. inwardheelsbleh says:

    because mma fighters don’t got hands, all they wanna do is hug each other


  16. MandoMarquez2595 says:

    And I don’t think a submission its an ass kickin and plus there’s aboxer that knocked out in mma fighter in another video check it out that’s a. Ass whoopin:)

  17. bigsam7264 says:

    are you stupid randy couture is 49 yea 49 and james toney is 44 so there both old in fact randy is older and he whooped your boxers ass and come on please you know that’s not true alright lets say we put our champ jon jones vs your cruiser weight or whatever champ jon jones would win so stop dreaming and join the reality

  18. 760virus says:

    This moron fought a nobody hahaha

  19. 760virus says:

    MMA is a complete sport boxing is not

  20. king kemp says:

    james toney was old too and a mma fighter 10 wouldnt last with a top 20 boxer in the boxing ring

  21. fuckth3newworld says:

    @Demoniiic yea dum bitch he ran to the mma that’s where all the mathafuckers who don’t have a chin go you think that’s the first mma fighter to get knocked out by a boxer when they can’t stand toe to toe they wanna grind each other wearing underwear fuck that fagget sport

  22. 24Devaughn says:

    they are really good boxers themselves! gsp has the same boxing coach as manny pacquiao genius lol! boxers are hands down the better fighters though… mma is for animals who weren’t cerebral enough to cut it in a squared circle!

  23. JoeBreeeeezy17 says:

    Go beat GSP or anderson silva in the octogon then we’ll talk buddy.

  24. NarcoStep says:

    Zzz  Zzz Zzz. . . What’s up with your content lately Eli? Quality over quantity. . . The fuck is this shit?

  25. Wanderlei Silva says:

    So turns out it was jeff hatton 3-1 in his last 4 fights not even signed to the ufc. He also only has 1 knockout and the rest are submissions and this guy brags that he beat him in the ring? I love boxing and the community but this guy is a straight clown.

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