25 comments on “Boxer Ricardo Mayorga TKOs Wesley Tiffer in MMA fight”

  1. eddie0br says:

    Garbage, illegal knee to the spine….

  2. Malk64 says:

    How can you use Brock Lesnar as an example? He was a legitimate wrestler, and one of the best at one point. NCAA HW champion.

    So, a 6 ft 3, 280 lbs NCAA championship wrestler who trained in BJJ and other facets of MMA for a long time becoming a (short-lived) champion in MMA’s known weakest division? Not that hard to believe, bro.

  3. 187jacktheripper says:

    You don’t find it embbarassing that reality show winners become elite level fighters in the ufc? I love mma and practice bjj my entire life, but i love it because anything can happen. you can make a lot of money betting on the underdog in mma because upsets happen all the time. Jon Jones is breaking title defense records already and he’s only like 23-24 years old.

  4. 187jacktheripper says:

    Not a kid first of all, nice try. Typical ignorance, when someone disagrees they feel the need to decredit the other. No need for that. I know Lesnar was a great wrestler, but that was years earlier. He was a WWE fake wrestler for the past decade or so. and steroided out of his brain. Roy Nelson could barely through a punch when he was on T.U.F. now he’s killing people with one punch. Truth is it’s easier to win a mma belt than it is boxing. you can’t come into boxing like lesnar and win a belt!

  5. jsan222 says:

    whats wrong with yall … mayorga is fat 40 year old and yall talking like he’s in his prime .. he’s now a flat footed old man .. any young prime great to solid boxer with time will be a contender in ufc there feet work alone and punching ability will always a have a chance . james toney was banned from boxing fat man .. toney in his prime at middleweight would have done wonders at ufc if time to learn he was 40 for godsake .. there beasts in the ufc tho that wont struggle but boxers be alright

  6. darktermi1993 says:

    brock lesnar trained alot to be there, so stop with the bullshit kid, he was a great wrestler before going to ufc, you call him “fake wrestler” because he worked in the wwe, but he was a top wrestler in high school, All american, you say anybody can win in mma? lol you must be kidding me, you should try this sport, you will get noticed that your boxing worths nothing here

  7. 187jacktheripper says:

    Like i said, same thing with Tim Sylvia and even Kimbo, who is a boxer, soem people take it too seriously and feel the need to protect mma from embarrassment. Fact is, anybody can win in mma. I mean c’mon, a fake wrestler, Brock Lesnar was the ufc heavyweight champion. That sucks for these people, because they know you can’t win a real boxing championship without boxing your entire life. Houston Alexander was a 35 year old bouncer at a nightclub and made a name for himself in the ufc. SUX 4 THEM

  8. 187jacktheripper says:

    I love how upset these boxing haters are. they are so threatened. I LOVE THIS!!!!

  9. 187jacktheripper says:

    @cody – A street fight? Try laying on top of someone in a street fight – you’ll get your nose bitten off and your balls yanked off and your eyes gouged out. Street fight lol..

  10. PRSELN23 says:

    Boxing will always be superior to MMA…..Its just the plain truth ladies…..Boxing is for men…..get with the program

  11. Cody Fonseca says:

    If it were a street fight and Tiffer was told any and all strikes were allowed, I would still put my money on him. He had plenty of time to use illegal strikes in this fight but he played by the rules.

  12. GeckoActual says:

    So the event was in Mayorga’s home country and that obvious illegal strike was deemed legal? Sounds legit.

  13. robp210 says:

    Nah mercer vs silva is one

  14. 336drywall says:

    Desde north carolina usa apoyando a mi paisa mayorga arre

  15. Malk64 says:

    Wesley Tiffer is hardly an MMA fighter himself. Mayorga is more of an MMA fighter than Tiffer is, at least Mayorga has an MMA win.

  16. Jimmy Walker says:

    Dana should put him in the UFC as an example and let him get his ass beat

  17. Ricky Florida says:

    Might have been an illegal knee. But this is also an old retired very out of shape boxer that is way over his fighting weight. Boxing it’s a sport with certain rules. Who wins in a MMA fight where rules are totally different depends on the person. It doesn’t matter if they were boxers or not.

  18. braddah shano says:

    Banana Republic b.s..

  19. xxHappyMeal84xx says:

    Ricardo full of shit

  20. 69gangstar69 says:

    Didn’t mayorga miss weight by like 20 pounds?

  21. blackbiology says:

    sure MMA fighter should win in MMA fight with MMA rules as boxer would win in boxing fight with boxing rules. This fight is interesting in that an illegal move was used and the boxer won. In the old style vale tudo in Brazil this move would be totally legal and is a very nice counter against an arm bar when the opponents back is turned to you. If this was a street fight I’d put my money on Mayorga to win. Interesting move from a martial arts perspective but should have been ruled no contest

  22. Zach Beard says:


  23. Pharellman456 says:

    wow weird fight

  24. xArcher24x says:

    that didn’t look…ouch right on the spine…fucks sakes

  25. Trickninty6 says:

    ROFL an illegal knee to the back is now cause to shout “boxer” beats mma fighter…haha

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