25 comments on “boxing star zach cooper chocked out by mma star king mo”

  1. El Mañuco says:

    What the fuck are those losers doing there

  2. WatDaStreetsCreated says:

    that bald chicano foo is a beast seen on of his matches he can bang

  3. wutup5566 says:

    lmao so? he quit/ couldn’t continue thats a knockout hop off his nuts I’m a fan of his but I don’t deny facts go to his boxrec page

  4. Jean-Paul Valley says:

    When you retire in a boxing match it counts as a TKO loss. That is how it is scored. Silva was TKO’d in boxing and it was on his record.
    And body shots can KO you too,not only head shots! lol

  5. Jean-Paul Valley says:

    Not really jack off look up Silva’s pro boxing record. Every website that has Silva’s boxing record has 2 fights listed and one loss for Silva via TKO. So yeah. And quite a few boxers do other things as if that matters. Both Klitschko brothers have Judo,Karate and kickboxing training. Vitali Klitschko was kickboxing world champion. Boxer Manuel Charr was a kick boxer as was heavyweight contender Magomed Abduslamov. Frans Botha is a boxer who has had MMA and kickboxing fights as did Ray Mercer.

  6. ryan gee says:

    nah it was a body shot that made him retire not a ko. wasnt official anyway look it up.


    the President of the Federation of Boxing Parana has said in a report recently that the fight was not even a legitimate fight and does not count. “They fought each other, but it was not a scheduled fight. The Animal was in town, Anderson was there as well and there was time to fill. It was kind of the same as a training game in football,

  8. wutup5566 says:

    lol nah Silva got Ko’d in his pro debut as a boxer Fact

  9. ryan gee says:

    lie, first time silva has EVER been kod was last week. how many pro boxers are pro at anything else besides boxing?

  10. skmydkyafag says:

    I met Elie and he called me a star because he thought I was brad Pitt. I’m just that Damn good looking

  11. Macoroni says:

    zach cooper gets bullied at the gym LOL

  12. stat2k says:

    I just farted man.

  13. Domon678PS3 says:

    MMA And BOXING love each others

  14. georgio210 says:


  15. julianisdope says:

    don’t feed the trolls homie

  16. Jean-Paul Valley says:

    LOL! Except the 50 guys who have boxing as their main fighting style! How would a baseball player do if he went to football? Not well but does that mean the baseball player is not a good athlete? No.

    How do MMA guys do in boxing? Oh yeah Anderson Silva had 2 boxing matches and was KO’d in one of them. Former Boxer Ray Mercer beat former UFC champ Tim Sylvia by KO in and MMA fight. You’re a dope.

  17. soleh199523 says:

    None of them can’t beat him in boxing lol

  18. Jason Cao says:

    whoa Joe Warren and Scott Jorgensen was there

  19. allmotorhash says:


  20. c22dividedby7 says:

    Their you have what, Elie???

  21. ThatNigguhJuniior says:

    king mo is not a mma star.. lol

  22. lewismu90 says:

    Robert thats very true

  23. hailtwinmusclewrkout says:

    Show him training….

  24. Roberto Anaya says:

    u can tell the MMA fighters are not stupid they know training boxing in real boxing gyms is very beneficial , in my opinion is better to go individually to each combat sport regimen boxing, jiu jutsu, wrestling,etcc and to do that u gotta go to the masters of each martial art

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